Bedroom Décor Mistakes That Could Be Impacting Your Sleep Quality


To call a proper night’s rest important would be an understatement. Sleep is what recharges our batteries and primes us to tackle the myriad challenges of the waking world. Needless to say, in the absence of proper sleep, basic functionality can prove difficult, if not downright impossible. There are a variety of reasons for which people have trouble sleeping, some of which can be tied directly to one’s bedroom choices. So, if your sleep quality has been waning as of late, there’s a chance your sleeping space could use some new furnishings. When setting out to create a bedroom that’s conducive to peace of relaxation, take care to avoid the following blunders.

Mattresses That Are Past Their Prime 

It’s no stretch of the imagination to call your bed the most important item in your bedroom. (Heck, “bed” is right there in the name!) By the same token, it can’t be denied that the mattress is the most important part of any bed. Whereas a comfortable mattress can provide you with years of high-quality slumber, a mattress that’s well past its prime is liable to have the opposite effect. Even the most dependable mattresses don’t last forever, and every mattress will eventually start showing signs of aging. 

Furthermore, a mattress needn’t be old for it to be uncomfortable. Everyone appreciates saving a buck, but if you go with the cheapest option when shopping for a new mattress, don’t be surprised if you get what you pay for. So, the next time you find yourself in the market for a new place to lay your head, consider the many benefits of luxury mattresses.  As the name suggests, these mattresses are of a much higher caliber than most standard-grade mattresses and will provide you with many nights of dependable comfort.  



Bedside Tables That Are Too Small 

Getting up at multiple points throughout the night can be a huge detriment to proper sleep. This is particularly true for people who have trouble falling back asleep after being up and about for a few minutes. Luckily, a good bedside table can help you nip this issue in the bud. While there’s no way around having to answer the call of nature during the nighttime hours, a suitably-sized bedside table will provide you with a place to store any items you’d otherwise have to get out of bed to retrieve. For example, if you often find yourself getting up for a drink of water, placing a water bottle on your bedside table will enable you to quench your thirst without making the trek to the kitchen. 

Unfortunately, if your bedside table is too small to comfortably house all of your overnight items, you may have no choice but to drag yourself out of bed prematurely. Rather than overcrowd a small bedside table, invest in one that’s large enough to accommodate the various items you need throughout the night. Just remember that the more time you spend out of bed, the harder going to sleep is liable to prove.  

Photo by Kim Schouten on Unsplash

Window Dressings That Are Too Thin 

In order to sleep comfortably, many of us require total darkness. However, achieving total darkness can be an uphill battle if you live in a crowded area with a fair amount of traffic and artificial light. Additionally, if your bedroom is located in a spot that receives a fair amount of sunlight, sleeping through the early morning hours may prove impossible. If your windows are outfitted with blinds or curtains that are too thin, they probably aren’t doing a serviceable job of blocking outside light. To ensure that your sleeping space stays as dark as possible, invest in high-quality blackout curtains or blackout screens. No matter how bright it is outside, these handy, cost-effective window dressings will provide you with a pitch-black sleeping space.  

Without proper sleep, even the most seemingly mundane aspects of daily life are liable to prove challenging. Increased irritability, decreased concentration and diminished outlook are just a few of the issues associated with improper sleeping habits. If the quality of your nightly respite has recently taken a downturn, take stock of your bedroom décor, as certain furnishing choices may be responsible for the issues you’re facing. Anyone striving for enhanced sleep quality would be wise to steer clear of the previously discussed missteps.  Thanks to Brentwood Home for consulting!



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