How to: Plan and Build Your Own Home Gym


Having a good gym at home can be quite convenient. There are a lot of situations when going to the gym is simply not possible or you just don’t have the time for it. It’s actually not that difficult to make your own, at your home. There are also plenty of options to get help building a home gym. You just need to be sure that you are doing it for the right reasons and that it will be more worth than trouble. Here are some things to consider about planning your home gym.

Finding a Partner

One drawback to a home gym is staying motivated. If your goal is weight loss, fitness trackers for weight loss are a great tool and a good motivator. Many find it difficult to adhere to the program when working out alone. The solution is to find a partner: a family member, a friend, or another athlete. However, we recommend that you do not be too dependent on your partner. You could be very disappointed if he or she gives up. The best way to avoid this is to set a time to start each workout and begin whether or not your partner shows up. They will quickly realize how serious you are and are more likely to show up on time.

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Great Reasons to Make a Home Gym

  • Save time – You do not have to waste your free time by traveling to the gym or waiting for the machines to be free when working out.
  • You can concentrate better on your workouts. You will not be distracted by the crowds around the equipment and other people.
  • You can train at any time of day or night, making creating training schedules an easy task.
  • Train together – The whole family, or your friends if you prefer, can get involved.
  • All weights that you will need cost as much as one gym machine. For example, an abdominal muscle machine can cost about $ 500 and is for one exercise only. The same amount of money could be spent on a good bench, with a leg extension and enough free weights to do several hundred different types of exercises.
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Equipping Your Home Gym

To get started, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or wait until you have everything you dreamed of. The home gym is built up gradually over a long period of time. Look for the equipment at local fitness stores or maybe in ads. You can either make, or you might already have benches and other things you may need for the gym.

For starters, the most important thing to get is a standard 110 lb barbell and dumbbell set. This set, along with a workout bench, is a great way to start off your home gym. They are enough for a lot of different useful exercises. The set usually contains:

  • one barbell 60 inches, 1 inch in diameter
  • two dumbbells 14 inches long and 1 inch in diameter
  • ●      four 10 lb discs
  • six 5 lb discs
  • fasteners for rods and dumbbells
  • In addition, it is a good idea to buy two 25 lb (12.5 kg) discs.

There are deluxe and cheaper variants. We advise you to get the best because you will enjoy your workouts more. Disks with a machine drilled hole are better than those made of cast iron. They are easy to slide on or take off the bar and are comfortable to handle. Chrome bars are the best and will last forever. We also recommend a chrome-plated chuck that helps you change weights quickly and easily.

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Going a Step Further

If you have the resources and some empty corners, consider adding larger gym equipment to your home gym. There are many machines for resistance and cardio training that can be very beneficial for your exercise routines. If you decide to purchase a big machine, try to get one that combines several exercises in one place. It’s more practical for your workouts and requires much less space in your house, allowing you to get even more machines if you desire to do so. Thanks to Garage Gym Builder for collaborating!


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