Turn Your Garden Shed into a Fun Learning Space


Whether your kids are in school or it is the middle of summer, you want them to continue learning…without destroying the house. Creating a fun learning space in your unused backyard shed or installing a new outdoor shed to be your kids’ learning domain is an investment that they will use for years to come! Let’s take a look at the best tips to turn your garden shed into the ultimate learning zone. 

Write on the Walls? Why Not!

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You definitely do not want your kids writing on the walls in your home, but why not let them in their learning space? Dedicate a section of wall space in your kids’ learning shed to writable walls. There are a few different options to choose from:

  • Chalkboards – Install panels of chalkboards that can be easily written and drawn on with different colored chalk and then easily erased with a chalkboard eraser. 
  • Whiteboards – Use dry erase markers to draw on the board, while easily erase drawings in seconds with a dry eraser. The good news is that if the markers fall on the floor, they will not leave a mark.
  • Wall-decals – Stick-on dry erase decals are repositionable. This means that you can move the decals up higher on the wall as your kids grow.  

Easy to Clean Floorings

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There is no telling what kind of adventures will be had inside of this space. You can bet that many experiments will take place.  Make sure the floors are durable and easy to clean up if any type of liquids gets spilled on them. Steer clear of carpet or anything that can hold dirt, debris, and liquids. Great flooring choices include:

  • Ceramic Tile – This type of flooring is difficult to scratch. Tiles are durable, difficult to crack, and can easily be cleaned with just about any floor cleaner.
  • Stone – This flooring option is waterproof, resistant to normal wear and tear. It’s extremely difficult to scratch and can be easily cleaned by mopping.
  • Vinyl – Sweeping and mopping is all the maintenance that is necessary to care for vinyl. The best part is that it can be made to mimic stone, tile, concrete, or even hardwoods. 
  • Laminate – This is a cost-effective option that is easy to clean with an elegant look. 
  • Sealed Concrete – This is no doubt one of the most durable types of flooring available. It is almost impossible to damage. Only sweeping and occasionally resealing is needed to maintain concrete flooring.
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Craft shed

Arts and crafts are important for your children’s growth and development. They help with:

  • Motor skills
  • Literacy
  • Creativity
  • Self-esteem

Build a 10’x10′ shed that allows for the incorporation of a fun craft corner. You may want to create a built-in worktable or bench in the design of your shed. You may even consider placing the craft corner in front of a window so that your children can enjoy the views of nature while letting their imaginations run wild.

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Reading Nook

Children who enjoy reading have a tendency to thrive in school. Creating a fun spot for your children to curl up with a good book will encourage them to read more often. If installing a new outdoor shed seems daunting, you can find a contractor to build it for you. Consider fun bean bag chairs or even hammocks. A built-in bookshelf for all of your children’s books is a great way to keep books easily organized and within reach for your little ones to get a quick read in.

Monitoring Camera

Of course, your kids’ safety is of the utmost importance, but you also want to give them the freedom to explore the world around them without standing over their shoulder every five minutes. With the installation of a monitoring camera, you can do both! You can choose between monitors that come with a separate parenting unit that works off Bluetooth connection or a monitor that you can watch via an app on your phone. Monitors are a great way to give your kids space while making sure they stay safe at the same time.  With the installation of a monitoring camera, you can do both!

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Space to Grow and Develop

Giving your kids a fun learning space that is all their own is a great way to increase growth and development. There is no need to worry about messes in the house, ruining flooring, walls, or furniture. Your children let their imaginations run wild! Follow these tips to turn your backyard shed into the perfect learning space! Thanks to Shed Plans for consulting!


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