Filling Empty Corners

We all have that one corner or space in our home that we have no idea what to do with! Here are some ideas to fill up those empty corners and make the best use out of them:
a cool corner setup.:
via domino
Extra seating is always an option! A simple chair can fill up a corner without adding too much clutter.
An unexpected space to work! I love this custom style desk for someone who maybe doesn’t like the look of a traditional work space. 
unique brass and marble bedside light with rose gold and quartz accents:
I love a simple plant to fill a corner. It’s a great way to add a fresh touch to a room without much work!
shelves | designlovefest:
Shelving can add a great touch to a corner, especially for those who could use a little extra storage. 
Farmhouse Entry:
A simple picture and some knick knacks can add a great touch to a corner. I also love that these containers can hold miscellaneous items that you maybe wouldn’t leave out otherwise!
How do you fill corners in your home?


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