Garage Door Openers: What To Know Before Getting One


Everyday use of the garage should be comfortable and safe. It pays to invest in comfort and get automatic opening of garage doors and gates. Driving directly into the garage without having to get out of the car and mechanically manipulate the gate or gate can save time and stress of constant getting off the vehicle and searching for the key. It is much more convenient to only press the button.

The garage door openers are devices used for automatic opening of the garages. They are mounted according to the door weight, offering different opening speeds. In colder areas with frequent snowfall, the garage door opener can be equipped with so-called integrated heating. Thanks to it the automatics will not freeze and will work reliably.

As not all garage openers fit all garage doors, it is imperative to choose a suitable one, the one that will not only allow for smooth door opening but also contribute to the safety of the house and property. Surveillance equipment should also be considered.

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How to find a suitable garage door opener

When choosing a garage door opener, we must also take into an account the specific requirements for their use. Modern garage doors have several aspects to look into. These include security and burglary protection, convenient operation and attractive design. Their thermal insulation properties are also important.

There are specific requirements for the doors for a detached unheated garage and yet another set of requirements for a garage built as part of the house. Therefore, the first criterium when choosing a garage door opener is to determine the type of garage it will be used for.

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Another very important issue is the type of the garage doors, read here. Sliding doors are sectional, and only their panels are built vertically. Sectional doors are composed of “sections” which are guided by springs on the guide rails under the ceiling. Such doors do not drive under the ceiling, but along the wall.

On the other hand, rolling doors are used where saving space is important. They are made of aluminum slats and they can be easily installed without further construction work in an already built garage.

The propulsion or drive of the garage doors are yet another aspect to be considered. We select the drives according to the door size, weight, space possibilities. Automatic drives have different opening speeds, more comfortable ones open and close faster – saving heat that the garage has no chance to escape in such a short time.

In addition to automatic garage doors, it is worth investing in an automatic entrance gate. Just like with the garage doors, the essential aspect for selection of the gate is its size and gate type. The sliding gate might require a little less space than the swinging gate and there is a particular type of gate driver for each. Smooth running, safety and weather resistance, wear and tear are important as well.

Human protection and house safety

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As far as the safety and security are concerned, the majority of the garage doors on the market comply with the standards given by individual countries. What that means is that the doors are designed to eliminate various injuries, such as pinching fingers or inserting a hand on the sides of the doorframes.

The rope and spring break device or spring break protection are very likely to be patented as well. These patents prevent the door from falling, which is especially important in case of vertically opening sectional doors.

Through the garage, a thief can easily reach the house. He is not only interested in the parked car, but also in the equipment inside. Read about burglary here: Unfortunately, motorists often underestimate the security of a garage. Investment in electronic equipment is therefore a reliable protection. Experts recommend magnetic sensors on the door, motion sensor in the garage space and all this connected to the house alarm while CCTV surveillance can also be of an advantage.

It is definitely worthwhile to choose a drive with a door release protection. When the garage door is closed, the lock automatically engages in the guide bar stop. Patented door locking works mechanically, that is, without power supply. From a safety point of view, it is important that the door interrupts its operation if it hits an obstacle. Thanks to Freedom Garage Door Services for consulting


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