How to Create a Bedroom Oasis in Your Home

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With all the busyness and stress that’s a part of life these days, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have someplace quiet and calming to retreat to. A bedroom oasis does the trick.

We all need a peaceful environment we can relax in and space where we can sleep properly and get the rest we require to “keep on keeping on,” no matter how tough things get. Spend time over the next month or so to set yourself up with a bedroom oasis that helps you to have a productive, balanced, and happier year ahead. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Your rest area will never feel like a peaceful spot if it’s full of clutter and makes you feel guilty about mess each time you’re in it. As such, the first step is to declutter. Part with clothing, jewelry, shoes, toiletries, makeup, and other pieces you don’t use anymore or never have. Also, where possible, remove any work-related items from the room or at least have a spot in which h to tuck them out of sight, so you’re not reminded of responsibilities while trying to sleep.

Once you’ve pared down your bedroom belongings to the essentials, find a spot for everything to live. This step is essential because it makes it much easier to know where to return things after you’ve used them, and means you won’t end up back in a mess within a few days.

via Lauren Haskett Fine Design

Ensure You Have the Best Bed Setup

A big part of achieving a bedroom oasis is having somewhere conducive to sleep. If you’ve had the same old bed frame and mattress for years and know they’re not doing the décor of the room or your body any favors, it’s time to upgrade. A new bedroom suite will make a significant difference to the look and feel of your room.

Choose the right mattress for your needs, too. Consider factors such as:

  • the position you sleep in
  • your body temperature
  • if you have back pain or postural problems
  • how soft or firm you like your mattress
  • if you sleep with a partner and have movement issues to worry about
  • your susceptibility to allergies
  • your budget

There are many materials and designs on the market these days, so do your research and test beds where possible. There are some fantastic comfortable soft bed in a box for side sleepers that can be delivered right to your door. Alternatively, buy a mattress online from a company that enables you to test it in your home for a certain period to see if it suits you. Increasing numbers of businesses offer this solution.

It also pays to increase comfort and longevity by buying a quality foam mattress topper from a trusted supplier. Mattress toppers add another layer of softness and support to the bed and also help to protect the mattress. Don’t skimp when it comes to pillows, either. The right pillow keeps your neck and shoulders at an appropriate height and ensures you maintain good posture as you rest.

Buy Beautiful Bedding

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The right bedding will also help you to feel relaxed and soothed in your bedroom. To create a true oasis, purchase beautiful sheets plus blankets or a quilt and quilt cover to snuggle up to. Opt for fabrics soft to touch and breathable, so they feel nice on your skin and soothe you when you’re ready to drift off to sleep.

Many people like to choose high thread-count bedding that gives a luxurious hotel vibe. It also helps to say goodbye to synthetic fabrics. These can make you feel itchy and get too hot when you’re in bed. Better options include natural materials such as silky bamboos and organic cotton. These materials help if you’re inclined to suffer from skin conditions, respiratory issues, or allergies, too.

Bring in Some Calming Greenery

When the word ‘oasis’ is mentioned, most people conjure up images involving calm spots featuring nature in some way. As you might imagine, then, a bedroom that ticks all the right boxes introduces greenery somewhere.

via Lauren Haskett Fine Design

Not only do plants look lovely, but they also clear carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. In turn, you get to enjoy fresher air and should relax and sleep more peacefully. Excellent options for the bedroom include indoor-loving plants like ivy, peace lilies, ferns, the rubber plant, or monstera.

Dozens of studies over recent years have proven that sleep and switched-off downtime are essential for a happy, healthy, productive life. Help yourself to enjoy these benefits by creating a bedroom oasis to retreat to in your home today. Thanks to Brentwood Home for consulting!


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