Decorating With Area Rugs: Tips for Styling Your Floors


If you want to compliment your home with the addition of a rug, learn how decorating with area rugs doesn’t have to be stressful when choosing the right one!

Are you planning on buying an area rug to make rooms feel more comfortable or defined? Do you want to give your home a new look in time for the next season? Are you looking to give your home a safe and warm decorative concrete Orange County floor for your kids or pets to hang out on?

Buying rugs online for your home can be a challenge if you don’t know how to decorate with them. For some, the challenge comes later when they realize it doesn’t match their space at home.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some tips for decorating with area rugs. 

1. Create a Focal Point

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Most area rugs go in the middle of a room or sometimes on a wall. When you’re only beginning to decorate a room, it’s best to place your rug in the middle of the room. This way, you create a focus or focal point in the room.

You can also create a focal point at the side of the room if you must. For example, in a kitchen-dining room, place a rug underneath the dining table to make the focal point in the room. If you want, you can also add a focal point in the kitchen half of the room.

Note that your focal point often is the spot where you want to draw the most attention. Place a rug in areas where people are most comfortable to gather. For a twist, you can also place rugs under hallway tables to create a contrast.

2. Choose Your Rugs First

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When it comes to room decoration, a good tip is to choose tugs first. Remember, the rug ties together the room. It’ll be more difficult for you to find the perfect rug for a room if you wait until it’s the only missing piece in a room.

The order is to choose a rug first, then throw pillows, and then curtain textiles. As you decorate a room in your house more, you look for items that best match the rug. This will also let you decide what items or materials will best match your rug.

For example, you’re planning on buying rugs to define your living room and you need two of them. As you build the living room up, look for a pair of rugs that have contrasting or consistent textures. The best types for every color and style are those made from natural fibers.

That includes cowhides, sheepskins, and such. As a note, this also makes services like wool rug cleaning services easy to find.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

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Indeed, patterned rugs are not easy to add to a room that’s already furnished. Even when you’re only starting to decorate a room, patterned area rugs can already seem too much. However, our tip for you is to be bold and try decorating with patterned rugs at least once.

Remember that happy spaces need contrast, too. Plus, patterns can make a room seem so much more interesting than with a typical, one-color rag. To be safe, buy area rugs with simple patterns and colors that follow the general color scheme.

4. Decorating With Area Rugs With Correct Sizes and Shapes

Decorating with area rugs isn’t fun if you have to look for ways to deal with the parts that don’t fit the room. This is why you need to measure your floor space first if you plan to buy an area rug that spans wall to wall. Do this as well if you plan to place area rugs in places in your house that have unusual spaces.

The shape of your rug will also depend on the style you want. You don’t always need rectangular rugs. You can also look for round or oval shapes if they’ll fit your furniture better. 

For example, you want to define your dining area with its own space from the rest of the kitchen. To create this definition and decorate, area rugs that follow the shape of your dining table will work best. Make sure it still fits people who pull out a chair to sit at the table. 

5. Use Area Rugs To Create a Color Scheme

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From the previous point, the color scheme of the entire room will depend much on your rug. You can also use a rug to give existing colors an accent or tie. If you’re using patterned rugs, keep the color scheme of the pattern in mind with the color scheme of the room.

By choosing a color scheme for a room, you create a mood for it. Color schemes also give a room its character. For example, warm colors create a warm, welcoming space.

6. Always Keep Wear and Tear in Mind

Where do you plan to use that new area rug? Are you placing it in the hallway where people in the household are more likely to walk on it often? If you’re putting a rug on paths often taken, consider how soon it may show wear and tear.

Children and pets can wear down a new area rug fast. 68% of households have pets. If you must add an area rug to a spot often walked on, choose colors and fabrics that don’t show much of wear and tear.

Wool rugs have patterns that are great for hiding signs of shedding, spills, and stains. They’re also easy to clean as compared to other rug fabrics. They’re also perfect for decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors for your kid’s and/or pet’s space.

7. Be Smart When Choosing Colors

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Every color has a feel to it, and not all color combinations will stick. Plus, the elements in a room have to follow the rule of color unity. This means that the colors in a room need to follow a certain color scheme.

For example, you can have bold and vibrant furniture. To keep it balance, get an area rug in a neutral color like beige or grey. It’s better if you match the rug to other elements in the room that is already in a certain neutral color.

Design Your Beautiful Home 

Now you can start decorating with area rugs!

Area rugs are great for updating rooms between changing seasons. They’re also easy to clean and replace if you want to change them for the next home color trend. 

We hope you learned something new about how to decorate your home. Do you want to read more about interior decoration? If you do, check out our other guides on home decoration. Thanks to Green Choice Carpet for contributing


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