Home Basics: Your Windows and Covers for Window Wells


What we know about Covers for Window Wells

You would think that having a cover over an exposed hole that leads to a window sunk in the ground would be natural installment, and yet there are still homeowners who don’t seem to think so? What is a window well you ask? 

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Well, its full description you can read here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Window_well_cover, but essentially it is the edging around or full cover plastic sheet placed over the window well. This prevents people from falling in and seriously hurting themselves thus resulting in an unwanted lawsuit, and unnecessary seen as it could have been a simple installation, to begin with. 

During extreme weather, it also stops heavy rainfall and snow from piling up inside the hole and melting causing flooding into the basement or sunken room leading off the windows. A simple covering and you can prevent a whole heap of headaches.

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Types of window wells.

When deciding on which material you are going to use to not only insulate and support the well but to decorate, you need to do some homework. Take into account the area you live in and its climate changes, the aesthetic of the house and if it will be well balanced to complete the over-all look once complete.

Wood that has been pressure-treated is a popular option because it’s easy to fit in with the existing outside décor of the house and it looks good. While this may be the most aesthetically appealing option, you need to be aware that moisture in the soil can cause it to soften and rot over the years, requiring you to replace it more often than other options.

Plastic is something I’ve been seeing a lot of, perhaps because it is readily available from hardware stores, and if you are a keen DIYer you could give it a go to make them yourself. Watch this video on how to make your own window well and see if it’s in your skillset to give it a go, although men can make “anything” as they say, right?

Cement is another increasingly used choice for its affordability and clean finish. Whether you use cement blocks or poured concrete the look will be chic. As with the wood, moisture can cause the cement to crumble in places and will need touch-ups to ensure support and firmness throughout the years.

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Then there are bricks and metal, both fine options, just be sure to choose which is best suited to your home design, the overall look and most importantly your budget.

How to choose a window well?

It can be daunting if you’ve never chosen a window well before, what to look, for which is best, all the available options, it can make your head spin. Check out this handy guide on the ins and outs of factors to consider and the best way to determine the final product.

A major aspect to account for are the regulations implemented by the building codes in the neighborhood. If the window is to be used as an emergency exit then putting a guard over the top might be restrictive and not permitted, check before you go ahead with any plans.

5 Benefits of having a window well.

  • Light. Being underground is usually paired with being dark and dingy, having a well lets in much needed natural light and can change the complete feel and look of the room.
  • Ventilation. Under the building and ground level, the atmosphere can be damp and musty which could lead to mold and unwanted expenses, opening a window to let in the air ensures there is constant fresh circulation.
  • Safety. The last thing we want is to see one of the children falling and breaking something from tripping into an uncovered well, or a pet getting stuck with no way of getting itself out. A simple guard put in place will stop accidents before they have a chance to occur.
  • Security. Having an exit strategy is always a good idea. There could be a burglary, or even worse a fire, escaping safely through the back can give you peace of mind in keeping your family safe and getting out unharmed.
  • Insulation. By keeping drafts out they provide a much-needed barrier of insulation to the basement. 
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For more information on the best options available and reputable advice, visit this website and find the quality of products and customer service you deserve. You will also get a nifty breakdown of the popular products on the market at the moment.

What happens if you don’t have a window well cover? 

Determined by the climate you live in you could end up with a well full of snow one frosty morning. This is not going anywhere except into liquid form, which in turn means, you could have a mini flood on your hands.

On the other hand, it might not snow where you live but instead, you have Mother Nature and her gale-force winds bringing in the neighborhoods recycling to your window well. While it might be a few leaves and debris at first, if you leave it be this can accumulate in no time. Next thing you know you’re digging out bags of leaves and rubbish just to see out the window.

Having a well that is covered properly will keep pests and rodents from coming in and ruining the place. If the area is moist and littered with damp leaves, this is a great breeding ground for bugs and insects to have a party. Keep it clear and dry.

For a better understanding of the process, read this quick window well article on all the ins and outs that come with installing, building and maintaining the new addition to your home.

If it’s a new build you’re doing or an existing project you are upgrading, take your time when it comes to installing the right window well suited to your home. After all, this is one hole you won’t be looking to fill any time soon, am I right? Thanks to Official Top 5 Reviews for contributing!


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