The 3 Best Ways to Use Lighting to Make Your Room Look Bigger


Lighting can make or break the way a room looks and feels. The right lighting can have a positive impact on one’s mood and emotions, whereas the wrong lighting can make a person feel anxious or uneasy. In addition to installing the right lighting to positively impact the way a person feels in a space, lighting can also be manipulated to make a space look bigger.

 If done correctly, lighting can make a space feel and look larger than it actually is. This post will detail the top 3 ways to make your room appear bigger with the right lighting.

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How to Use Lighting to Your Advantage to Make a Space Seem Larger

An electrician in Cherry Hill pointed out lighting is one of the most important interior design aspects and can be used to interior designers’ advantage. In order to use lighting to your advantage when it comes to making your space seem larger, try the following tips.

Incorporate Tall Lamps and Long Hanging Lighting Fixtures

Tall lamps will elongate a room as will low hanging lighting fixtures. These two lighting options will make a room look vertically larger by drawing the eye up and down, focusing on how tall a space is. Emphasizing the room’s height will play tricks on the eye to make a space seem taller than it actually is.

Tall lamps in a space can be a stereotypical design, or they can be an interesting shape or design. However, tall lamps that have a thin base typically do the best job of elongating a space. Likewise, hanging light fixtures can also be interesting shapes or they can be standard pendant fixtures. Geometric shaped hanging light fixtures are a popular style interior design when it comes to making a space look larger.

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Spread the Light Around Your Space

In a room, it’s important to not rely on a single light source, especially if this space doesn’t have windows or good natural lighting. It’s also important not to put one light source right in the center of a space; not only will this lighting method allow for limited visibility in a space, but it can also make a room look smaller. Instead of a single lighting fixture, feature multiple lighting fixtures all over the room.

Incorporate floor lamps, hanging lights, ceiling lights, and table lamps to open up a space and provide outstanding light to a room. Multiple forms of lighting will spread the focus all over the room, making it appear to be larger than it may be. Depending on the actual size of your space, you can add as many light fixtures as you feel necessary, just make sure not to go overboard by making the room look cluttered.

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Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

Mirrors alone will make a space feel larger; however, mirrors combined with the appropriate lighting have the power to make a room look vastly bigger than it actually is. In order to use mirrors to your advantage, bounce light off of mirrors in your room. An easy way to do this is to place mirrors opposite a window or a large light fixture. When the natural light shines or the lighting fixture is turned on, the mirror will make it seem like there is double the amount of not only light but also space.

This can be done with full-length mirrors, a wall of mirrors, or even a small hanging mirror. No matter the size of the mirror, the light will reflect off of it and make the space appear larger.

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Illuminate Your Space While Also Making it Appear Larger

As you think of ways to illuminate a space, it’s important to think of the kind of lighting that makes sense for your space and what the benefits are. It’s almost always a good idea to illuminate a space in a way that will make a room appear larger as everyone wants a space to feel spacious. Try some of these tips to get the most out of your lighting choices. Thanks to Prime Electrical Services for contributing.

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