Renovation Inspiration: 5 DIY Kitchen Remodel Ideas for a New Look


Is your kitchen outdated and bland? It’s time for an upgrade. Check out five DIY kitchen remodel ideas and transform your space in no time.

On average, a person spends between $12,913 to $35,543 on a kitchen remodel.

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This expense varies on the size of the kitchen, the type of materials used, and whether the remodel is done by the owner or professionals are used. In some cases, certain remodeling projects are better suited to an expert handling the work.

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your kitchen without needing a professional, and staying within a modest budget, then we’re here to help! Keep reading to get a few possibilities added to your DIY kitchen remodel ideas.

DIY Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Everyone wants to remodel their kitchen at some point or another.

Whether you’re sick of how outdated and old you’re kitchen looks, or if you’re looking to add value to your home before selling, we’ve got a list of several DIY projects for you to try.

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1. Tin-Tile Backsplash

Tin-tile is an easy project that won’t take you long to do nor hit your wallet hard. It shouldn’t cost more than $100, depending on how much space you’re covering, to set tin-tiles.

Bonus, their reflective surface helps to brighten up your kitchen. They’re also super easy to clean and come in several different finishes to match the kitchen of your dreams.

2. Marble’s All the Rage

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Marble is a popular choice for countertops these days. It even helps to add value to your home. Just be certain of how much space you want to use it on as marble is pretty expensive.

Also, be sure to research the proper care involved in a marble countertop. Marble is a porous material and apt to soaking in spilled drinks or being cut by knives.

3. Updated Lighting

This is a perfect follow-up to a new backsplash or countertop.

New inset lighting can help give your kitchen a more modern feel. Try adding inset light sources on the undersides of your cabinets to get that sleek, futuristic appeal.

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4. Shaker Cabinets

These shaker cabinets can offer a lot to a remodeled kitchen

They are simple but attractive, with recessed panel doors, light finishes, and basic hardware. Shaker cabinets are not only timeless but perfect for upgrading your old kitchen to a more modern aesthetic.

5. Paint Your Cabinets

If you find your cabinets paint is peeling off, or if you’re sick of the color it sports, then paint them! Applying a new, fresh layer of paint onto your cabinets is an excellent way to spruce up their appearance. They’ll be as good as new before you know it!

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Have Fun with Your Remodel

Whatever project you decide to go with, have fun with your remodeling.

Experiment with painting your cabinet doors in different colors. Try adding texture to your backsplash. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and be creative.

Your DIY kitchen remodel ideas are as unique and varied as you’ll let them be. You’ll also have the added benefit of knowing you’re adding value to your home as well!

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