Adding some Old Charm

As much as I love shiny, bright, clean, and new; there’s something to say about old charm. Here’s some inspiration of how I would bring in some old charm in my own home.
A rustic window adds a touch of vintage style. More kitchen ideas:
via bhg
Between the home sign, the window decor, and the farmhouse sink, this screams old charm to me!
Using old furniture remodeled with newer design can give you that old world charm with a luxury touch. 
Gathering around a large farmhouse table can do the trick! It doesn’t matter what style your kitchen is, a large wooden table fits in every decor. 
Designer Tobi Tobin commissioned a new screen door for some Victorian charm.
A beautiful screen door brings back so many memories for me! 
And finish it off with some rocking chairs or a swing on the front porch. 
I hope these simple changes can bring you that old charm you are looking for!


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