Child Bathroom Inspiration

We are getting the bathroom set for our little one and I am enjoying finding a happy balance between child and traditional bathroom decor.
I like the idea of picking colors that can be grown into or that will go will with different accent colors later on as they grow. 
New Curtain and Rug is adorable and livens up my bathroom!  Whale Bath Mat and shower curtain #westelm
via westelm
Simple fun decor that can be easily switched out like bath mats and a shower curtain are great ideas for budget friendly changes. 
LOVE THIS!!! Pictures of kids in the tub in the bathroom... great idea!
Bathtub pictures in the bathroom are my favorite! It’s a great reminder how much fun bath time is when someone might not want to take a bath!
A stool with storage is a great double duty item! This is a must have item for me in a kids bathroom.
These fun hooded bath towels are my favorite find from the online Caro Home kids section. Caro has a great selection of mix and match items and thanks to Caro being an amazing company, they are offering a  20% discount for our readers from now until the end of July 2015! Just use this code when you check out: CARODECOROLOGY


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