A refreshing change for bedroom design

I’ve noticed a lot of bedrooms these days where the bed is placed directly under the window.  What do you think of this look?
Solid neutrals mixed with patterned accents and shapely antique nightstands make the perfect case for how wonderful mixing and matching can be.:
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Is it just the placement of the room and where the window’s fall or is there actually something to it that I don’t know?
Big open window, white lamps, grey furniture, small chandelier and monogrammed bedding:
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Did you know it was actually bad Feng Shui to put your bed under a window? It’s said that at night, your body needs protection and strong support to do it’s best regeneration. But what do homeowners with beds under there window have to say about it?
Some say it’s the only way to balance out the room. Given the size or shape of their room, it’s the only place the bed fits.
Other’s say it’s refreshing to wake up with natural light shinning on them. It seems to me, like that would be a lovely alarm clock!
AphroChic: Anthropologie’s Fall Catalog Celebrates Cultural Style At Home:
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Would you put your bed under a window? If you already do and have other great reasons why, I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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