Reasons to Consider a Walk-In Tub


Walk-in tubs are attractive, practical, and safe choices for many bathrooms. With watertight doors that are easy to use, they allow you to walk right in or out of the tub. Which means no more high-stepping it over the rim of your traditional tub. Walk-in tubs are a great choice for folks in all sorts of different situations, so here are four reasons why you might want to consider one.

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They help senior-proof your home

Some of us may remember baby-proofing our homes not that long ago. It’s a funny feeling to have to think about senior-proofing our homes to protect ourselves.

Amusing as it may seem, though, making your home more senior-friendly as you age is the wise thing to do. When we grow older, our bodies just aren’t as flexible and durable as they used to be. That can make activities that used to be easy — like stepping in and out of a high tub — much more difficult. If you’re a senior, a walk in tub make baths a much safer experience. Bathrooms are a hotspot for slip-and-fall accidents, so invest in a better bathroom and keep yourself safe.

Walk-in tubs are particularly important when you’re thinking about your own longtime home and how to avoid leaving it for an assisted living facility. A walk-in tub could make your home safer and easier for you to live in. That helps you stay in your home for longer, meaning more independence and dignity in your golden years.

And walk-in tubs are valuable to other seniors, too — so much so that, in areas popular among retirees, installing a walk-in tub could actually increase the value of your home.

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They’re easily accessible

It’s not just seniors who can benefit from a walk-in tub’s relative safety compared to traditional tubs. Anyone with mobility issues or slip-and-fall concerns should consider investing in a walk-in tub. Expert installers at American Standard  will tell you that they have installed walk in tubs for disabled veterans, paralympics stars, and people with all sorts of health and disability concerns. Walk-in tubs aren’t just for the elderly.

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They can be used for hydrotherapy

Many walk-in tubs from reputable manufacturers come with whirlpool functions and other perks. With warm water and a whirlpool, you can enjoy hydrotherapy at home, and that’s a good thing for just about anyone. Hydrotherapy is a great treatment for a wide range of health issues and their symptoms. For instance, it’s a big help for folks with poor circulation in their legs. Hydrotherapy is also great for treating symptoms of many conditions that cause muscle fatigue and soreness.

You can still benefit from hydrotherapy even if you don’t have a medical condition. It’s great for general aches and pains, tight muscles, and other typical concerns. Whether you’re sore due to a condition or due to a long day of tough physical labor, stepping into a walk-in tub at the end of the day will help.

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They’re convenient and relaxing

It’s often thought that walk-in tubs solve various safety and health issues that can arise from using more typical bathtubs and showers. That’s certainly true, but the joys of a walk-in tub go beyond its practical uses. Simply put, walk-in tubs are relaxing and fun! They’re convenient and easy for folks of all mobility levels, and their whirlpool functions give you a spa-like experience in your own bathroom.

Whatever your level of mobility issues or slip-and-fall concerns, you should think about investing in a walk-in tub. A walk-in tub can be a long-term solution for your bathroom that eases your aches and pains and brings you joy and relaxation.


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