Coworking Conundrums – 5 Things To Consider Before Moving Into A Coworking Space


Coworking brings with it the opportunity to work in a fun and energetic environment with a diverse group of people. Coworking in New Zealand, whether working in Auckland or in Wellington, gives start-ups and budding entrepreneurs the chance to get their foot in the door. Furthermore, the coworking climate is such that innovation and industry are the catalysts to the evolving coworking scene.

beautiful coworking spaces

While it might appear that coworking is an easy way to drum up business, choosing a space that adequately meets the needs of your business can be difficult, especially if not from New Zealand. The picture of attractive professionals mingling as they go about the daily grind can seem appealing, but to maximise your coworking space, you have to go in with a plan. When looking for a coworking space, the factors that can make your business grow should be a part of the plan.

beautiful coworking spaces

Let’s take a closer look at what you should consider before moving into a coworking space in New Zealand.


The first consideration relates to the purpose of the coworking space. Coworking spaces come with a variety of amenities, and knowing how you plan to use the space can help in determining which type of coworking community you want to join. If you want to use the space primarily for work, then consider a space where social interaction is not a priority, for example, a smaller fit out with a simple plan. Conversely, if looking for a foundation to collaborate, then a more social space might be the order. For example, one coworking space – Servcorp, can fit out your business with fine office space that allows you to build that kind of platform.

beautiful coworking spaces

Work Place Culture

Work place culture is very important when choosing a coworking space. For one, you have to be able to understand the culture to thrive in it. Unfortunately, the only way to learn about the culture is to join the space, and while some spaces might offer you a test run, typically you have to be in the space to know whether the culture is a match.  Fortunately, professionals who are unsure of whether they want to remain in a space they have joined will find the contracts are extremely short, so if they find the workplace culture not conducive to the kind of business they need they can always join a new space.

beautiful coworking spaces


Another consideration involves whether or not the space offers you enough privacy while working. If choosing a hot desk, the chance is you will work alongside other professionals, but at the same token, your work will be seen by whoever is in the area. If your profession involves needing some discretion, the coworking space does offer other alternatives, but the price does increase when renting a dedicated desk or private office.

beautiful coworking spaces

Professional Development Opportunities

Another very important part of the coworking space is the ability to take advantage of conferences and other workshops that can help you as a business owner. Most spaces do include workshops, formal networking events, and other professional development opportunities, but to make sure that you can use these events to your advantage, double check the coworking space calendar.

Ability To Expand

In general, the coworking space can help your business transition into other spaces. However, larger outfits can also make it easier for you to relocate to places outside of your current location with some having offices internationally. Depending on the industry, those looking for a coworking space should consider whether the service provider can make it easy to transition as your business grows.

beautiful coworking spaces

Coworking Considerations

Coworking is an extremely practical way to lease office space. Furthermore, it can be a valuable experience when in the right space. However, finding a space that offers the practical parts of an office but can be leveraged to maximise opportunity can only be done when making some of these considerations.

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