An Elegant Touch of Vintage


An oldie but a goodie here…I’m under the wire today so I’m recycling a post back from 2015 that I thought was fun.  The vintage shabby chic look is not my style anymore, but I thought all of these photos were examples of great design.  Enjoy!

Adding a simple elegant touch to your decor, using vintage items, may not seem as easy as it sounds. Here are some great pictures to help you get inspired:

Home and Garden Vintage Living Room and Fireplace by karapaslay, via Flickr
via flickr
It can be as simple as adding an older piece to your current home decor, or mixing great finds together to create a room filled with a vintage feel.
We love the oak plank floor in this romantic bathroom. More bathroom flooring ideas:
via bhg
Don’t feel rushed to find the perfect pieces, sometimes it takes a lot of shopping around, thrift stores, and flea markets to find that perfect one.
Mixing modern with vintage may be more of what you are looking for.
The fun thing about a vintage touch, is it is completely up to you! Add a few pieces, or make it a whole room of vintage decor.
What’s your favorite way to add vintage?


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