Top home improvement tips to add value to an old home


If you’ve ever wanted to renovate your home but never felt like you could justify it, take comfort in the fact that whatever you do to enjoy your house now will almost certainly pay off in the future.

First, ask yourself this: is the renovation worth it?

Is smashing through the wall to add a new room worth it? What about rehauling a tired-looking kitchen with new marble countertops? And what about digging the yard to add a pool?If you plan to renovate your home, ask yourself these questions first. If you’re really into adding value to boost your home’s appraisal value, then doing so is a good idea.

To ensure that your money is well spent, be sure to do a lot of research and see if you have valid reasons for an upgrade. A house that’s near collapse from calamities or natural decay may not be renovation-worthy. In these cases, it’s a good option to purchase a new home through an affordable home loan. In fact, many families change location due to a bad neighbourhood or just because moving is the practical solution to their current familial issues.

Now if you’re keen on continuing your project, then here are a couple of home improvement tips that will certainly add value to an old home.

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Upgrade the kitchen.

A kitchen renovation needs to be at the top of your list because it’s the heart of a home. It’s where families spend a lot of time. You can start by upgrading to stainless steel appliances like electric skillets and adding countertops made from granite or stone since these easily improves the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. Details such as shiny knobs on cabinets and purchasing a sparkling new faucet for the sink can make a lot of difference as well.

old house renovation

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Improve the bathroom.

Old, cracked or dirty bathroom is an absolute turn-off. This space needs to be eye-catching and practical. Start by installing a vanity that can recess into the wall to save space. Good lighting also adds instant value, so does adding a window in the bathroom to allow natural light to illuminate the space.

old home renovation

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Flooring replacement.

Upgrading to hardwood flooring can boost the home’s sales price by 2.5 percent based on a study by Hardwood flooring may require a bit more maintenance, but they make a space look more inviting, luxurious, and comfortable.

old house renovation

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Home accessories and furniture.

Adding proper accessories and furniture can bring new life to any room. For a limited budget, you can focus on adding the highest quality main furniture piece possible in the room and then get affordable accents. For instance, buy an expensive sofa for the living room.You’ll spend a lot of time using it plus you can get creative with the decorating.

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Add a separate laundry area.

A well-organized separate laundry room makes life easier and makes regular laundering a breeze. Depending on available space, a separate laundry space can be created by converting a closet or building an entire designated laundry room.

End Note

As you start with these improvements, don’t forget your budget. A well-researched strategy can up your home value as well as make everyday living for you and your family a pleasure. You can make use of different home loan types that are available and comfortable for you. Best of luck with your home renovation!

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