The Tunbridge Wells Shaker Kitchen

Today I wanted to show you a Tunbridge Wells Shaker Kitchen that stands out to be a little different than the rest! With most Shaker kitchens, the appliances are hidden behind painted doors to give a simple natural feel to the kitchen, but in this one they are out for all to see. I feel like they did a great job making this one a little different for those who would rather the appliances be out in the open. 
This kitchen is a mix of natural and contemporary but it feels so fresh! 

I am not usually one for open cabinets but these cabinets under the barstool area really make for great home decor as well as extra storage where there normally wouldn’t be!

They did a great job maximizing this small space. With a lot of people downgrading on square footage in this economy, keeping it simple and working with the allotted space really makes a difference. 

They did a great job pairing these with great details like the countertop and farmhouse style sink. I also love that the pendant lights don’t take away from the rest of the room but they bring a little character at the same time. 

These hand painted cupboards stand out to me, they look amazing! I also love how they almost just blend in with the wall. It makes it feel like they don’t take up much space and it looks so clean.


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