When times get tough…


You know those times in life when you are trying to do so many things at once or get so many things done that you either fail or do poorly on all of them? Well, I’m having one of those week(s). Because you are trying to be a better boss or employee, you ultimately fall short of being the mother you want to be, all while still missing that deadline? Or because you want to be a better runner or yogi you fail at being the best wife you can be, and are still missing the 6 minute mile mark?

Ultimately this all comes down to everyone having wayyy to much on your plate, so it’s important occasionally to step back and readjust what parts of your life gets more weight. For me, it is always that I work too much, and the stress of that can seep in to and actually make me a not such great person to live with. Some people are good at compartmentalizing and separating work and other obligations from home life, but I’m not good at that, and I think working from home doesn’t help either.

Don’t forget the support a great supplement can provide, like those from Finest Labs. I know a great multivitamin and magnesium do wonders for me.  I’m determined this week not to work after dinner, which is unheard of from me. Is there something you can take off your plate to make you better or at least more “present” for what really matters in your life? In the meantime, imagery of things I love or that have sentimental value to me really help me remember what’s important.

The Outer Banks, where I spent many great vacations with my family and beloved dog, Cody- also where my husband and I were engaged!

Golden hour walks – even better with a loved one.
via Andrea & Renata

A silly dog – what better therapy is there?
via Pinterest

Future travel plans, for me, it’s a cattle drive.
via Simply Marvelous

via The Bowery Presents
Thinking about the instant I knew I loved my husband.  It was much earlier than I usually love someone, and was during a Drive By Truckers concert at Terminal 5.  Patterson Hood was performing “World Of Hurt,” and he shouted out “It’s Great To Be Alive!” Chris shouted those lyrics out with him, and that’s when I knew 🙂

Alright, sorry to get so personal on you guys- I just needed to release I guess!
Have a great week!


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