Charming chairs chosen for form and function


Finding the perfect chair may not seem as easy as picking from modern or traditional! I love chairs not only for there intended function but because of the cool sculptural quality some of them have. There are some seriously unique designs coming out of the wood works to make your space one of a kind.

Instead of decorating your room and adding chairs in, think twice about using your chairs for the decorative pieces. These tall gorgeous chairs are a VIP in what makes this room so gorgeous…

If you are using it in a small space and don’t want the chair to be overwhelming, choosing a piece that has cut-outs or isn’t one big solid block won’t add too much visual weight, and won’t clutter up the appearance of space. This wire chair also looks pretty interesting too… Finding unique chairs isn’t always easy, but taking the time to search through the right stores can help you find that perfect piece. Of course, chairs can be pricey, but more and more manufacturers are making nice options that allow you to buy more than one!

Looking for something to go with a piece you already have but not blend in? This curvy chair matches the same theme of wood with black sleek lines but it definitely stands out on it’s own making it feel unique and gorgeous.
Maybe comfort is more your thing. You can find a really comfy chair that doesn’t scream granddad’s recliner. This one of a kind looks super cozy but is also really chic.  I could definitely get a lot of work done in that chair – and stay warm too!

If you are looking to mix and match, finding similar color or height chairs is a great way to keep the look of the room cohesive but still let your good eye for style and love of chair design shine.


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