Dinning Room Do Over


Today I want to share some idea for underutilized dinning rooms! Unless you are entertaining frequently this room seems to be used only on the holidays or large events. Here are some great ideas for utilizing the space year round!

Use your dining room as an office! There are some seriously great perks to having your office in the dining room. Chances are better that you will keep it clean and working with a clean slate is a great way to start a work day. There are also creative ways you can contain your office items so that it isn’t overwhelming when you need to convert the space back into a dining room!

Make your dining room a library too! Adding shelving on your dining room walls to hold your books can make for interesting dining room conversation as well! Add a comfy chair in the corner or by a window and you might find yourself getting away in that room more often than dining!

If you are looking for something a little more family friendly, you can add some games to your library and make it a family game night! Make it a getaway from all the electronic distractions and use this space to have a little more fun. Your dining room might become the families favorite space in the house.

Change up the seating! Make it a more cozy space instead of a stiff dining room set. Use your eat in kitchen for breakfast and lunch but take dinner to a new level by using the new comfy dining room. What’s the point of having a space if your not going to use it?

If you or your kids are crafty you can tie in this pace to store your items for those last minute project ideas! Throw a drop cloth over your dining room table and challenge yourself to make something new each week and utilize this space! The large dining room table will give you great work space and if you need it to go back to being a dinning room just move a few storage items out of the way!

If you need a more kid friendly space. Let the little ones take over this room when it’s not in use! Finding great storage piece that can contain toys and double as a bar table during dinner parties.

There are so many easy combinations you can do to make a dining room a more usable space!


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