Gorgeous curtains and a very generous discount for you!


I don’t know much about window treatments – but I have witnessed how they can completely make a room – adding that finishing touch to what was otherwise a room “missing” something. I was lucky enough to get to try out a gorgeous set of curtains by DKNY Home, courtesy of the awesome folks at Curtainworks. The images depicting the curtains were spot on to how the curtains look in person. I love the effect of all the flowers falling to the bottom of the panel.

Now you can get any curtains of your choosing from Curtainworks with this 25% off coupon code – CWB5. If you need a better reason then just a seasonal makeover, hanging heavier drapes during the winter can help keep the cold out and save money on your heating bills! The coupon code expires on 1/31/2011.

These are the curtains I chose. I normally don’t lean toward red, but thought I’d take a chance.

This room is just a temporary home until I move in February.

A close up of the embroidered flowers above the printed flowers.

I also have a DKNYHOME.com 25% off coupon code for you, DKHB3, expires 1/31/2011


disclosure: These curtains were received as a sample


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