GREAT book giveaway! Real Simple’s 869 New Uses for Old Things!


Lucky you! One of you can win this awesome book! It’s like a bible for Real Simple’s popular monthly feature “New Uses for Old Things”

Here are a few of my favorite from the book:

birdbath: Swap birdsong for blooms. Plant flowering succulents in an underused birdbath.

baby powder: Prevent sweat stains on white shirts. Sprinkle powder on the underarms and the collar, then iron. The powder acts as a barrier. (I have lots of whites so I’m gonna try this one!)

bowl: Peel garlic. Place cloves in a bowl, cover it with another bowl to form a sphere, and shake. The papery skins will flake right off.

ketchup bottle: Driplessly parcel out pancake batter. Pour it into a clean bottle, then squeeze onto the pan, whether in plant=size rounds or silver dollars

coffee filter: When snapping a close-up, soften the brightness for a more flattering photo by placing a paper coffee filter over the flash. (I HATE using the flash so I’m going to try this one next time instead of taking photos that are way too dark!)

One of my personal new uses for an old thing is using rubber bands on hangers to keep cami’s and other delicates from slipping off. What works best for me though are the thick rubber bands that are used to keep bundles of broccoli and other veggies together.

So how do you get a chance to win? Just leave a comment on this post – and feel free to share your own ideas! On Tuesday Dec. 7th I’ll draw a winner at random and announce the lucky reader the next morning.

The book can be purchased on Amazon.

Good luck!

disclosure: I received this book as a sample


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