The blizzard at Chestnut Creek Farm


Since Maryland has experience record snowfall this year (more than Buffalo, Maine, and all the normal record makers), I thought it warranted some pics. My parent’s farm, where I’m living this year, is about 65 acres, located in Westminster. I don’t know the official accumulations – but once both blizzards passed through we were around 40″.

Poor Remi could only go where we had cleared a path. It meant it was harder for him to run off, though… hehe

A lot of snow had accumulated on one side of our roof, because there were strong winds, you can see at the top of the kitchen window all the snow!

From the top of the lane

Here’s the lane after the second round of snow and with all drifts created by the wind. You can see my mom at the very end.

The veggie garden and the chicken coop behind it.

A shot of our road after it was plowed.


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