Help a reader with a decorate a condo-to-sell question! Pretty-please!


I have a tough question for you guys!
“I’m decorating our friends condo that he just purchased…for resale purpose. My decorating style is modern but has to be comfortable, uncluttered especially for resale. He has to tear out the old drywall because Florida had a problem with Chinese drywall. He wants to add architectural detail to the living room before hanging the drywall. What can be done to a typical condo living room to add interest but without closing it off? How can he make his condo look different than the other condos in the complex so that when a buyer walks in it screams, buy me.”

This one is tough as I have very little (okay – no experience), with this sort of thing. Below are some ideas I have dug up that I think might work.

A. This would be for after the drywall is rehung, but “Another way to play up (or fake) architectural detailing in a room is with light. It’s a good idea to incorporate a mix of light sources, so if possible, try to bring in overhead lighting as well as floor and table lamps. If you’ve got a focal wall, washing that wall with downlight can add a lot of drama to the room, as can picture lights or lighting installed inside cabinetry. If you can switch out flush-mounted ceiling lights for a pendant or chandelier, do. Adding sconces might require some electrical work, but if you’re able to add the proper wiring, it can be worth the trouble. ” – via ehow (click to read the whole article)

B. “Don’t forget to look up. It’s common to leave ceilings white and paint or paper the walls, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But why not think beyond the walls and brighten up your ceiling with paint or wallpaper? Use the same color as the walls for a seamless look, or try something different; I like a glossy ceiling or a contrasting color or pattern. Depending on the style of your home, metal ceiling tiles can be a great, classic, yet modern look. They come in a range of styles, from simple to more ornate designs.” –via ehow (click to read the whole article) With this tip, remember to pick a “buyer friendly” paint color.

C. Since you’re style is modern – you may want to avoid moldings, wainscoting, and/or bead boards. One thing that really works for me is shelving – you can get very affordable modern shelving from places like Ikea, West Elm, and Crate & Barrel. Artfully adorn them with beautiful objects – nothing too large and distracting.

This image also shows another treatment – adorning one wall with wallpaper. Just make sure it’s a wallpaper design that is not too extreme in anyway – modern – but clean, as you want all potential buyers to like it.
via House to Home

This is a great overall example of modern, but still livable decorating. Also keep in mind window treatments! I don’t know what your living room has in the way of windows – but treatments (hard/and or soft) can make a huge impact.
via Domino Book of Decorating

I love the modern but cozy look of this room – the lighting and spine bookcase are very memorable.

via BHG

The two above images show how shelving and built-in nooks with lighting and make a big impact.
via From plus Function

I really hope this helps – please don’t hesitate to click on the “comments” link below and leave your ideas. PS: If you get your updates via email click here – and scroll down to the very bottom past all the other comments, and you’ll see a link to “Post A Comment”


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