A coastal retreat form this harsh winter


I’m definitely experiencing cabin fever being cooped up in the house for 7 days now. Luckily I have a big stack of design mags to get through. I found this tropical gem in the February issue of Coastal Living, and thought maybe you guys could use some eye candy as well. This property is on a small Grenadines island called Bequia.

The neighborhood is called “moonhole” because of this arch, from which one can see the moon set twice a year.
Images above via Coastal Living Feb. 2010 issue

The two homes on the property
image via Burke House

I’d love to be able to sleep with the windows open

Coastal Living Feb. 2010 issue

images via Burke House

I could spend all day out here
Coastal Living Feb. 2010 issue

You can actually stay at one of these houses on your next vaca! Go to Burke House or Tranquility Villa to see/read more!


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