Sneaky – but pretty ways to organize your kitchen


Need I go into a lot of explanation? Very few people have enough kitchen space and we can all use a few new tricks to put up our sleeve.

I like this cabinet door that drops down and hides the mixer and/or toaster. Once those things (small kitchen appliances) go in a cupboard or in a drawer they aren’t coming back…

I like these floor to ceiling cabinets. They’re sleek with frosted glass – and the u-shaped shelves create even more space

organization is beautiful – beautiful is organization

If you are thinking or re-modeling – consider this sweet little coffee nook..

images above via BHG
tupperware is a nightmare – if you have a deep enough drawer, partition it if you can and create a “filing system” if you can. Put super small lids in their own little baskets.

Small kitchens cannot have enough hooks, bars, shelves – any device which lets you hang things or take items off the counter will not go unused.

Keep like items grouped – oils in their own container/basket, small bagged dry goods in another container/basket, etc.

An organizers dream cupboard…ahhh
via Real Simple


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