Yummy treats from my weekend in Boston


After being in Spain, the land of gorgeous architecture, I stopped for a weekend in the land of comfort food -Boston. And at a hunger inducing 14 degrees, I was more than open to the idea of stopping in every cafe we walked by. Comfort was found in the form of cannolis, the foamiest chocolate drizzled cappuccinos one can find, and savory morning dim sum.

I was in Boston visiting my good friend from RISD, Liz – who is a very talented illustrator – see here, and has just started a great food blog. So if you’re ever in Boston, or live there, and need a restaurant recommendation – go to her blog, Chomp Chow Chew, for some great ideas- and a little appetite stimulus.

The pictures below are from my trip and can be found on Chomp Chow Chew.

Check out the cappuccino to the top left.
Read about our stop at Mike’s Pastry here.

I also had my first taste of Dim Sum! Read about it on the Dim Sum Sunday post.

mmmm…those dumplings would really hit the spot right now. Thanks for a wonderful time Liz!


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