Creative Ways to Uplift Your Outdoor Space


Whether it’s a lazy afternoon reclining in your deck chair or pottering around your garden taking in the sights and splendors of your surroundings, there’s no better way to enjoy the long summer days than in the comfort of your own backyard. Since many of us have had more time than usual to focus on our homes and gardens in the last few years, we have also come to appreciate the solitude and sanctuary these private retreats offer us.

Garden with colorful flowers

Whether the days are getting longer and warmer or shorter and cozier, the opportunity to invite friends and family over for an evening of entertainment in our outdoor space always holds appeal. If you are turning your attention to this area of your home then read on for some creative ways to uplift your outdoor space.

Add Some Color

Whether you have a mighty oak tree in your backyard or a row of conifers, your outdoor space can be instantly enhanced by the addition of some colorful flowers and foliage. By planting seeds that bloom in different seasons you can ensure your backyard will always have visually appealing points of attraction throughout the year.

Play with color, height and seasons to create a visual display of natural beauty incorporating springtime bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils with late-blooming flowers like chrysanthemums, garden phlox, geraniums and shasta daisies.

Display some hanging baskets full of verbenas, pansies and begonias alongside your blooming flower beds to add another layer of color and visual appeal to your backyard. Not only will they add to the overall color and beauty of your backyard but due to their higher elevation hanging baskets also attract bees, birds and butterflies which can make your backyard feel even more peaceful, enjoyable and welcoming.

Paint the Decks

Spruce up your decking by giving it a fresh coat of paint and replace any damaged boards with new ones. Painting your old decking will not only refresh and uplift your backyard giving it a new look but it will also add a protective barrier to the wood, ensuring you get to enjoy it for longer.

By attaching a trellis to your decking you can add an additional element that brings character and style to your backyard while enhancing your sense of privacy. This decorative yet functional feature can turn your decking area into a beautiful space to relax and to enjoy the colors and aromas of the vines and flowers which interlace themselves through it such as jasmine, honeysuckle and roses.

Patio Features

Dining room with window wall looking to the garden
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If you have a patio in your backyard consider updating it by incorporating some new features. Whether it’s a new set of patio furniture or a statement feature such as a vibrant outdoor rug, you can easily inject new life into this part of your garden through new tables, chairs or accessories.

Choose quality pieces that will endure and are easy to care for in materials such as teak, metals, cedar or wicker. Not only will these look attractive on your patio but will also fare well in harsh weather conditions. To enhance your enjoyment and relaxation of this part of your garden consider adding a hammock, patio swing chair or lounger with a stylish parasol to shade you from the sun.

Decorate your furniture with water-resistant cushions which are made from quick-drying materials such as reticulated foam, making them resistant to moisture, mildew and mold. In addition, make sure your outdoor soft furnishings are made from fade-resistant materials, such as olefin and acrylic, which can withstand the effects of the sun.

Why not enjoy the beauty of your backyard from the comfort of your home too? By installing patio doors you can take in the views while maximizing natural light in your home. Visit this site to find window installers that fit patio doors.

Introduce Warmth

As the summer days draw to an end and the colder weather creeps in, this shouldn’t signal the end of your enjoyment in your garden. Extend your outdoor time by investing in some overhead heated lamps or patio heaters allowing you to dine al fresco well into the evening and incorporate soft furnishings which will keep the cold at bay such as cushions, seat covers and wearable or heated blankets.

You can also introduce some warmth into your backyard with the addition of a fire pit or chiminea, which not only adds a radiant glow to the evenings but also provides a cozy area for you and your guests to gather around during the winter months. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows, sharing spooky stories or simply relaxing under the stars, a fire pit can add ambiance and a sense of drama to your outdoor evenings.

Backyard with olive tree, table and chairs
Used with permission of Blackband Design

Outdoor lighting, such as a string of solar fairy lights, can further add to the feeling of warmth in your garden while greatly enhancing areas such as your patio or any decking. Whether you prefer festoon lights or outdoor lanterns,  interspersing lights throughout your backyard can be the perfect way to set the scene for a quiet night gazing at the stars or an evening of entertainment with friends and family, as day turns to night.

Build a Garden Arbor

Introduce an enchanting focal point to your backyard by building a garden arbor. This vertical, freestanding structure usually has latticework on either side and is constructed with an arched, flat or peaked roof.

An arbor is a great way to create a separate section in your garden or to add a charming accent over a path or entryway. Not only can it be a decorative feature to add to your backyard, but an arbor also serves other useful functions. Positioned over a garden bench, it can offer privacy and shade from the sun, providing you with a natural canopy to stay cool on hot days. This is especially so when used to train climbing vines such as wisteria, dutch honeysuckle or climbing hydrangea which will naturally weave their way through it.

Typically made out of rustic metals or wood, arbors are usually 8 to 10 feet tall and three to four feet wide allowing enough room to pass through them and to maintain the climbing plants and flowers growing overhead.

Give your outdoor space some well-deserved care and attention by incorporating the suggestions in this article. Thanks to all companies linked above.


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