12 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive


Home decorating can be a fun and creative way to express your personality and make your house reflect your likes. There are many ways to make your home look expensive with practical decoration tips without spending a fortune. The easiest way is to choose furniture with clean lines and simple designs that do not distract from your overall design.

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You can also add luxury items like hand-carved wooden furniture or a marble table top for a touch of elegance. The key is to find pieces that fit in with the rest of your décor and are well-made to last. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to achieve the look without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips to help you accomplish this:

Choose High-Quality Furniture

When shopping for furniture, consider spending money on quality pieces that last longer and look better than those made with cheaper materials. If you’re looking for a new couch, take your time. Visit your local store or online and compare prices on different pieces of furniture to find something that fits your budget and is of high quality.

Go Bold With Interior Colors

When choosing paint colors or wallpapers, don’t be afraid to go bold. It’s a common misconception that neutral colors make a home look expensive or classy. If you want something bright pink in your living room, go for it. Ensure that it matches the rest of the room and doesn’t clash. There are several options when choosing a home interior design. Ensure you choose one that fits your needs and style.

Add Plants

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Green plants add life, color, and character to any room. They also absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air, which helps keep your indoor air clean and healthy. There’s no need to spend much money on high-end plants. Visit a nursery or grocery store and choose something that speaks to you.

Planting flowers and shrubs in your yard is a great way to add value to your property. You should also consider adding indoor plants. Indoor plants make any room feel spacious and luxurious. You can take this concept further and create an indoor garden with exotic plants and common houseplants like ferns, bamboo, and philodendrons.

Upgrade Your Front Door

The front door is the first thing people see when they walk into your home. It should reflect your home’s quality. Paint it if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade it. A fresh coat of paint instantly updates the look of an old door, and if you get creative with the color or pattern choices, people might not even realize it’s an old door.

Add Trim to Your Doors and Windows

It can be as simple as adding a thin piece of wood around the edges of your door and window frames or as complex as installing custom molding that matches the rest of your house. If you’re going with the simpler option, consider using vinyl or metal instead of wood, as it’s easier to care for and maintain over time without damaging the existing paint job on your walls.

Paint Your Cabinets

Grey and white kitchen cabinet
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If you want to make your kitchen look expensive, painting your cabinets is an easy way to do it; just ensure you prime them first. This ensures that stains or marks from previous cooking mishaps won’t be visible when you finish painting them. Choose a color scheme you like for this project. Darker colors like red are more likely to show wear than lighter colors like white. Consider going light-colored instead of dark colors like black or brown if this concerns you.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room. The first thing to consider is whether you want a traditional chandelier or something modern. If you are going for a traditional look, ensure it’s elegant and compliments your home decor ideas like color and style. Another way to upgrade your lighting is by using candles. They can be used as a centerpiece or individually on side tables throughout the house. This adds an elegant touch while creating an atmosphere that makes your home feel warmer than most places.

Go for a Statement Stair Runner

A good stair runner elevates the look of your space, don’t be afraid to invest in one. If a stair runner isn’t in your budget, add an accent wall in a neutral color and paint the rest of the walls white or another neutral color. This creates a clean and modern look that makes any room appear larger.

Add Large-Scale Art

Artwork adds a touch of luxury and an element of luxury. Consider adding a gallery wall to showcase your favorite art pieces or photos from family vacations if you have a blank wall. This is a great way to bring some personality into the space while keeping things looking sophisticated and elegant.

Update Your Hardware

This is the easiest way to make your home look expensive. It includes replacing old knobs and handles of cupboards, drawers, and doors with new ones. If you have wooden furniture, apply lacquer or varnish to make them look shiny. It also makes them last longer. The key is ensuring your furniture and fixtures are in good condition and have a modern feel.

Ensure Your Rooms Flow Together

Bedroom with king size bed and metal chandelier
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Small details like walls painted the same color throughout different rooms can help bring everything together. While large details like different layouts can create a disjointed look that makes the place feel cheap. A different color on every wall makes your home look like it was built piecemeal over time instead of done at once.

Use Metallics

You can use brass, gold, and silver in your fixtures and accessories. It adds value to your home if you have a bathroom with chrome fixtures or a kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The same goes for window frames and doorways. For example, a few small gold picture frames on a mantle can create a luxurious look without making you feel like you’ve overdone it.

A well-designed home should be a reflection of your personality and preferences. This is why it’s important to consider the components that go into designing a house before you begin the process of remodeling. While purchasing items can cost money, consider affordable interior design tricks that make your home look expensive without breaking the bank.

All it takes is a little creativity and research. These tips can make you achieve that millionaire look. The important thing is not to overdo it. To appear expensive, clean architecture, rich color choices, and quality materials are your best bet. The cleaner your house looks, the more expensive it appears.

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