4 Things To Do Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor


It’s essential to do your homework before hiring a roofing contractor. Check references, understand the scope of work, and ask for a written contract. You also want to ensure that the roofing contractor will be responsive if you have an emergency.

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Do your homework before hiring a roofing contractor

Before hiring a roofing contractor, you should do your homework to ensure that you’re getting a quality job and aren’t being taken advantage of. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous contractors out there, and you want to ensure that the company you hire will do a quality job. It would be best if you asked for references, checked the BBB, and did not sign a contract without reviewing it first.

If possible, try to hire a local roofing contractor. That way, you can ensure they are appropriately licensed and registered. You also want to ensure they have insurance, which is essential for a cape coral roofing contractor.

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Ask for references

Asking for references from past customers is an essential part of picking a roofing contractor. This will help you build a relationship with the contractor and learn about their previous work. Whether you’re interested in a complete roof replacement or a simple repair, references will allow you to see what the result will look like.

References from previous clients will help you determine how satisfied clients are with the service provided by your chosen roofing contractor. You can also ask to see photos of the roofs the contractor has completed. Some roofing companies will list the number of satisfied customers on their websites and emphasize positive reviews. Conversely, negative reviews can alert you to problems with the contractor. 

Photo by Sebi Nemteanu on Unsplash

Understand the scope of work

If you’re choosing a roofing contractor, it’s essential to know the scope of the project’s work. The content of the work should detail all tasks and materials used during the roofing project. It should also include payment schedules and insurance. A roofing contractor should also have the appropriate licenses and certifications.

It’s a good idea to research multiple roofing contractors before making your final decision. This will help you determine the quality of service and pricing for each. It’s also a good idea to ask each roofing contractor about their work scope. You may need a complete roofing system with accessories depending on your needs. These could include starter strip shingles, ridge cap shingles, and leak barriers.

Ask for a written contract

One of the first things you should ask any roofing contractor for is a written contract. This document will protect your home investment and ensure no surprises. A written agreement should specify the exact work scope and how payment will be made. It should also include payment schedules for materials and subcontractors.

Besides asking for a written contract, you should also ask for references. Many contractors have a database of past clients,, and their testimonials can give you a sense of the quality of their work. Moreover, it is best to choose a roofing contractor with sufficient experience to complete your project. Thanks to Roman Roofing for consulting.


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