Use a free-standing sculpture! Spruce your home style with one of these!


When thinking about things that can improve the home style instantly, many will simply look to colouring the walls with different paint or by using wallpaper to try and change the room. Others will think of the soft furnishings that can be used such as the curtains and cushions, whilst others may look to simply get rid of old furniture and change it for something more modern.

Whilst each of these things can help change the look of the home and the interior design inside, they can be rather expensive and sometimes even rather excessive in nature. There is a simpler way in which the home style can be changed and without having to be too drastic about it all.

Sculptures are perfect

Designed living room with firework
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Interior design does not have to be all about the color of paint used, the type of wallpaper plastered on the wall or the soft furnishings dotted around a room. In fact, perhaps one of the most overlooked ways in which the home’s style can be changed is by simply using a free-standing sculpture.

These pieces can be rather brilliant when trying to make a difference, as the object can be rather subtle at times, but still visible enough to provide a huge change and one that can be considered to be positive.

There are a number of different sculptures that can be used in a variety of ways, with many using fine art pieces that can be found within the sculptures collection that is available at an online art gallery, whilst they can also look to purchase a mass-produced version of a famous sculpture if they wanted.

The bottom line? These objects can add a real degree of beauty and elegance to the home and improve the style as soon as they are placed within a room.

Inexpensive and less drastic

Iron "Love" sculpture against the white background

As mentioned already, by looking to use a free-standing sculpture as a means of changing the way the home feels and looks, people would potentially be able to save a lot of money and a lot of time and work.

Although these objects do have the ability to have a rather costly element to them (depending on what is chosen), they are a lot easier to place in a room than potentially tearing the area all down and starting once again.

A free-standing sculpture can simply fit into a desired area and add something to the room without taking over and being overpowering. Additionally, these objects can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, as well as materials and colors, therefore giving people the ability to make a choice that suits their tastes and requirements.

Can become a talking point

In addition to helping to improve the home style, a free-standing sculpture can become a centerpiece of a room if it is displayed correctly and in a position where it will be seen by everyone who enters the room in which it is located.

If it is displayed in a prominent position, everyone is likely to see it and will want to start a conversation about it, whilst it will also allow the room to show off the individual’s personality and creativity.

Sculptures should be considered an investment piece

Table with flowers, statue and lamp
Used with permission of Katie DeStefano Design

Another advantage of using a free-standing sculpture as a means of improving the style of the home is that the piece can – and perhaps should – be considered to be an investment piece.

For example, those who decide to re-decorate their rooms by adding wallpaper or paint to the walls will not be able to resell it in the future, whereas they would be able to do so if they were to use a sculpture. This is because they will always have a value, although that may be lower than the price that was paid.

Furthermore, a free-standing sculpture can be moved around as it is not fixed into place, therefore making it an extremely versatile piece of art and one that can have potentially more than one use.


If it was not evident already, it is clear that a free-standing sculpture is perhaps one of the best ways in which the home’s style can be improved as there are a number of different ways in which this can be achieved.

It is an extremely versatile art type, whilst they can be inexpensive compared to other methods whilst also providing a topic of conversation for everyone who sees it!

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