8 Exterior Window Trim Ideas to Beautify Your House


Windows are equally functional and decorative to any house. They present scope to spruce up your house’s exterior. The way you stylize them defines the aesthetic you want people to perceive. Therefore, a lot of homeowners pay a keen eye on planning their exterior window trims.

With that, the obvious question arises of which window trim idea will suit your house the best? And what are the different types of exterior window trims one can opt for?

What Exterior Window Trims Are?

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Window trims are frames for your windows to provide definition, style, dimension, and design. They can be installed both on the interior as well as on the exterior.

Advantages of installing a window trim

  • They help fill the gap between the window and wall.
  • Provide protection to your windows by making them sturdy.
  • Adds insulation

How to select the right exterior window trim?

Well, the raw material really depends on your preference and styling. Be sure of your budget plan and also the weather of your region. The climate you experience can also determine the type of exterior window trim you might want to choose.

To help you out, we have a few modern exterior window trim ideas for you to choose from. Do check them out. 

1. Simple black exterior window trims

Living room with big windows, sofa, coffee table and TV
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You can never go wrong with a classic black window frame. It is bold and beautiful. It will properly highlight your windows and defines the lines properly.

2. Colonial Style Window Trims

Such windows can remind you back to colonial times. They look very stylish.

3. Stone accent

If you have a stone textured wall on the exterior, a stone-framed exterior window trim idea would be a great one.

4. Colorful window trims

Playing with colors always brightens up everything. A contrasting color combo will make your house stand out in the entire neighborhood.

5. Dual Toned Wooden Window Trims

Desk with a picture on it and a chair and big windows in the back
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Wood always looks good, no matter what. Plus, the two tones of woods look even more beautiful. Make sure to use a good varnish, good quality wood, and understand proper maintenance of the same.

6. Window boxes as exterior planters

Plans could add to the beauty of your house’s exterior. Therefore, incorporating a window box in your exterior window trim idea might just be it. Plant beautiful saplings and flowering plants on your windows. This could be your personal garden as well. So, if you want to exceed beyond normal gardening, this window trim idea can help you achieve that.

7. Getting Crosshatch Shutters made for your exterior windows

Windows with crosshatch designs look very attractive and suitable for both traditional and contemporary styled homes. Remember, you can choose any material here – wood or metal. It is completely up to you.

8. Multi Design Exterior Window trims

White house exterior
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Courageous homeowners practice their creative liberty and choose to plan a multi-design aesthetic like this one. It lends a dimensional destination to a bungalow or house.

Few pointers you might want to consider before starting with any window trim idea

  • If you plan on using wood for your exterior window trims, Cedarwood is a good as well as durable one to go with. Unfortunately, it is very expensive. In fact, it is twice as compared to the other raw materials.
  • Other woods are durable as well but they might require more maintenance in terms of primer, paint, etc.
  • Most woods can trouble you by absorbing moisture, cracks, or even bubbles. You can use preservative-treated wood as an alternative. Such woods provide more durability and cause you less maintenance.
  • Take professional help while planning your exterior windows. Discuss your options very clearly and then make the final choice.

Keep these above pointers in check and you will be designing your best.

So, with this, the list of modern exterior window trim ideas comes to an end. We hope you like this article and stylize your home with some great window detailing. For more ideas like this visit The Arch Digest.

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