5 Decisions to Make Before Buying Interior Window Shutters


Window shutters could be the perfect option for any room if you don’t like curtains or any heavy drapes. They’re easy to handle, allow you to control how much daylight there is in the room, and help you maintain your privacy without taking over the whole interior decor. 

You can put up shutters in the front of the house if you want to increase curb appeal, and you can put them in places where they’ll be exposed to a lot of dirt – places where curtains are likely to fail you.

Living room with big windows
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It’s pretty clear that for some, window shutters are the way to go, but how do you do that? With so many options, styles, and colors out there, picking the right option can turn into a nightmare. Thankfully, you have us to help. Keep reading to find the answer to all your troubles. 

1. What Style Would Suit Your Window Shape?

If you want to flatter your windows you need to keep them in mind when you buy window shades. This will have an influence on what color, style, and size the shutters would be, and in most cases, it’ll also change the price tag. 

You can check out Blind Guys here if you want to browse through all your options, but never underestimate the power of design and colors to make or break your interior design. 

2. What Color Do You Want? 

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You can make quite an impression if you go for bold, bright colors for your window shutters, but if you want to make sure that your windows blend seamlessly into your present decor you can go for more subtle and muted colors. 

If you’re unsure, you can go with white or with different shades of beige. Another great option is to go with wooden patterns and shades of brown. 

3. What is Your Budget? 

The money you’re willing to spend on shutters really influences your final decision, and it can be really easy to end up spending way more money than you originally intended. 

If you’re in a bind, you can place shutters on only some windows around the house instead of all of them – we suggest the front windows in the house as shutters increase curb appeal. 

4. What Material Do You Want?

Window with flowers and statues
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Window shutters are made from three basic materials – wood, vinyl, and polyurethane. Each of these materials has its own perks and drawbacks. 

Wooden shutters aren’t very long-lasting and can be a bit heavy. They’re usually treated with chemicals to make sure they last long but they’re still prone to rotting and catching parasites. Vinyl shutters are light and long-lasting, but they don’t always give you the look you want, while polyurethane shutters are designed to withstand most kinds of wear. 

Needless to say, each comes with a different price tag and its own maintenance needs. 

5. Are Shutters the Right Choice? 

Now comes the most important consideration. Are shutters even the right choice for you? Maybe you’d like something more like window blinds or curtains instead. Look into all your window covering options before you make your decision, though we’d suggest staying away from thick curtains if you’re prone to dust allergies etc. 

Thanks to blindguys.co.za for consulting on this post.


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