Tips for Getting Organized This Fall


Fall signals the end of summer days, and kickstarts the soon-to-be hectic holiday season — which means it’s the perfect time to get organized.

Christina Giaquinto, home organization expert with has put together some practical and easy-to-follow tips in helping to reduce stress and save time while going into the coziest months of the year- clutter-free. 

1. Declutter the Pool And Beach Supplies

House pool and yard
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There is always a transition period right before it gets cool outside so while the weather is still nice outside, this is a great time to go through pool and beach supplies and toys. If everything can be reused and carried into next year, that is great! Simply store it away in a bin so everything is ready for summer 2022. Here are a few items to look through that may need to be discarded or donated. 

– Expired or empty suntan lotion 

– Outdoor pillows or rugs 

– Beach / pool towels that are worn or ripped 

– broken sand toys etc. 

2. Transitional Fall Pieces

It’s not necessarily have to bring out all the winter clothes just yet but it’s the perfect time to organize transitional pieces such as longer sleeved clothing, cardigans and sweaters. This is not necessary for everyone, but another helpful goal to do this fall is a reorganizing of closets to prepare them for winter. With larger bulkier items getting unpacked soon, begin to prepare designated closet to fit those items. 

3. Cold Weather Is Coming!

Bedroom with book shelf and vases
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With cold weather coming, this is such an amazing time to go through any jackets and put aside any that no longer fit you, or don’t fit the current style anymore. This allows for one to declutter their closets in preparation for winter as well as help others. 

The reason this is a great time to do so is because with the cold weather coming there will be a lot of people who can use winter jackets. Check out local donation centers, and / or local charities to see where to drop off winter jackets. 

4. Start to Write Your 2022 Organizing Goals

There is still lots of time to get organized this season and for the end of the year, but don’t feel pressured to finish everything at once. With the holidays approaching, complete 1 – 2 organizing projects and prepare for what will begin in the new year. Getting organized is about creating systems and doing it at a pace that is right. The most important thing is to start. Commit to 1- 2 projects for fall and winter and then write a list of everything to organize in the new year. 

5. Organize a Homework / Workstations

Corner of the room as home office
Used with permission of Alice Lane

Having a routine for doing homework helps with getting it done efficiently and without distractions. While, yes, homework can be done any place, it is much more beneficial, organized and productive when a designated space is designed for it. Even a small closet space can be transformed into a cozy homework area with some shelving, lighting and chair.

Bonus Tip!

Remember in tip #4 where we talked about writing down all organizing goals for the end of the year as well as for 2022? Be sure to also write down any closets that can use better systems. Living an organized life centers around everything having a place and a “home.”

Fortunately, this can easily be accomplished with an effective closet system that is designed to work for a specific space and function. An example of such a system is Modular Closets which are DIY mix and match organizational units that give you the ability to customize a closet or area according to individual space, wardrobe, gear and organizational needs. Whether it’s a bedroom closet, kitchen pantry, mudroom, home office or laundry room, implementing such a system makes organization easy peasy as there are various sized units with options for shelving, drawers, hang bars, and more. Having a system in place helps you transition from season to season more seamlessly without a lot of disarray and chaos.

Christina Giaquinto is a Professional Organizer and Brand Ambassador for Modular Closets, Having run her own organizing business for several years, Christina focuses on giving her clients the tools, methods, and techniques for maintaining their spaces. Modular Closets are high-quality and easy-to-design closet systems made in the USA you can order, assemble and install yourself, in no time at all. Using closet modules (closet pieces you can mix & match to design your own modular closet), homeowners everywhere are empowered to achieve a true custom closet look- for nearly 40% less than standard custom closets. 

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