5 Deck Jet Ideas for Your Pool


Deck jets look very classy and elegant in pools. They give a pleasing look to your pool and add a natural vibe. They are like fountains; the only difference is they are customized according to your taste.

Since deck jets improve the overall feel of the pool, selecting the perfect idea is essential. Following are some deck jet ideas that are sure to make any pool look good.

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1. Overlapping Deck jets:

You can probably guess by its name; these deck jets shoot water streams that overlap with one another. This idea is perfect for small and mid-sized pools. It looks stunning, especially if angled correctly for lighting. The jets are placed parallel along the edges of the pool. This way, the jets will make a high arch that overlaps, giving off a fountain look to your pool.

2. Low Deck Jets:

As the name suggests, these deck jets have a low arch and are usually known for their sound effect and aesthetics. When installed perfectly, it makes a sound like water falling in a small stream or lake, which is the most soothing and comforting sound in the world. The arch doesn’t overlap and the effect is visually pleasing. Just remember to set them parallel to each other otherwise, you will not get the desired effect.

3. Separate Deck Jets:

House pool and yard
Used with permission of Blackband Design

These are unique and innovative deck jets. The previously mentioned deck jets are installed on the edges of the pool, whereas separate ones are installed in the pool’s surroundings. For example, your pool is in a garden; the deck jet will be installed in the landscape surrounding the pool. The jet stream is shot from a distance which lands in your pool. It doesn’t have to overlap, but the jet arch is high. When combined perfectly with the surroundings, these deck jets make your pool look gorgeous.

4. Rain Deck Jets:

These are the most loved deck jet ideas out there. Water is shot from the jets that cover the complete width of the pool and the effect it gives on landing is like rain and hence the name. The jets are placed on the edge of the pool and the water arch is high to cover the width of the pool. Agua Pools & Spas in Florida can offer customization to meet all your requirements.

5. Light Deck Jets:

Used with permission of Blackband Design

An LED light is installed on the bottom of the jet, so when the water is shot, the light reflects, giving off a colorful vibe to your pool. Light or illuminated decks can be a hit or a miss, depending on the color of the lights and the space where the deck jet is installed. If everything is in perfect harmony, light deck jets are the perfect décor not only for your pool but for the house as well.


If you don’t want to take a chance on deck jets, then hire professionals to design the perfect configuration for your pool. This article has some of the most popular deck jet ideas that will add to your pool aesthetics.

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