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Porch swings are charming and functional additions to your homes, it can give you that picturesque and unique look that every house needs to have. In the past porch swings are quintessential pieces of furniture that every home should have. It allows people to sit and relax outside of their homes but not going far from their homes, neighbors seem to drop by while walking past homes with porch swings since it gives that inviting atmosphere and openness.

Porch with swing and sofa
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We all need porch swings at some point in our lives, most especially with these trying times, it is comforting knowing that there is a space in your home where you can put your feet up, think about your life and your dreams or plans for the future or even to remember a distant past life. Whatever your interests are, a porch swing can do wonders for your home and porch.

Traditionally porch swings were made from wood and rattan, and covered with huge cushions in floral print and painted white with ornate carvings. It was chic and cottagey to have a porch swing and almost everyone in your neighborhood had one or wanted one. Porch swings became a permanent addition to the homes and sometimes a few members of the family are against putting up a swing on the porch. Since a porch swing comes with complete fixtures that are attached to the porch or other parts of the house you want it to be.

Most porch swings come in a predetermined size and are according to the standards set by the building code. Thus, you need to have ample space in your home where you can safely install it. A lot of people have tried fitting in a porch swing without carefully measuring the size of the swing and the porch and some have ended up not using what they ordered since it would entail too much work.

The Newest Porch Swings

White swing in the room
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Porch swings used to be heavy, bulky, and had either cottage designs or ornate woodwork and it was just mainly made from wood. The old porch swings were a thing of beauty, but it was also an icon of the past. Even the houses in the suburbs have taken out their porch swings because it does not seem to go with the modern home designs that are sweeping the country. It seems that everywhere you go, minimalistic designs, industrial and modern are all the craze right now, and the porch swing does not seem to fit in all of that new home designs.

However, the functionality and the symbolism that the porch swing have has not escaped the attention of some designers and inventors, that a new porch swing has recently hit the market. The newest porch swing does not look anywhere like the old porch swings, it is made from a steel frame and then fitted with planks of real wood. It quickly fits into the new modern home styles and it has an added functionality in that it can be used in outdoor porches and even indoors. It is lightweight when compared to the old cottage-looking porch swings, but it does hold very large people with weights up to 200 pounds or more.

It is still suspended from the ceiling and has additional support from the floor to the swing mechanism. The most interesting aspect of the new porch swing is that it has removable seatbacks which you can detach and takedown or place in the given slots around the seat so that it can face whichever way you want it to be. You can use it as a side border if you want to sleep in the swing, or you can place it at the opposite sides if you want to put your legs up while sitting in it. This new design will surely capture the interest of many, as it is the handiest of all porch swings.

Ordering Porch Swings

Terrace with firework, table and chairs
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Finding a modern porch swing for your porch or backyard or even in your dining room or breakfast corner is as easy as pie. Since this is a new modular design, it is only manufactured by one company and they also have only a handful of suppliers. The best way to find them is to go to the internet and search their website or online store. You can use your favorite search engine for this and as soon as you go to the results page, you can check the top three results and find out whether they do have the new design of porch swings that you want.

At the moment, the size of the porch swing is a standard one, and make sure that the space you want to have it installed can safely accommodate the swing without really having to tear down a wall for it. The newly designed porch swings will fit right into the modern and minimalist home design and you can still even add a throw pillow or cushions to make it cozier and more appealing. There are not many options available at the moment owing to the limited materials and designs, so the only one you can get is the first and only design.

Once you are ready to order, just go to a website or online store that you have already identified earlier and make your order from them. This would entail knowing the size and shape of the space and being able to communicate it to the customer service personnel. After making a successful order, then you can wait for it to magically appear in your immediate environment

Caring For Your Porch Swings

A porch swing is a must for homes that have ample space in their floor area and these can even be placed in various areas and may have different functions as a swing as it should be. The thing is, when it comes to any appliance or furniture, you need to take the necessary steps in making sure that your new porch swings will last for a long time. You need to ensure that it is safe to use and clean and that it is in excellent condition all the time. You can use a damp cloth with a soap and water solution to clean it and then leave it to dry and buff with a cotton piece of clothing.

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