How to Decorate Your Short Rental Apartment


Do you want to rent a short-term apartment? What is your target market? What kind of atmosphere should you create? These are some of the questions that should come up if you indeed intend to rent out a short-stay home. Renting out a short-stay apartment may not be as easy as you have imagined because there is a lot that you need to put in place. Whether it is a vacation home or a residence for business travelers, your short-stay home must be compelling enough to keep tenants coming year after year. 

Living room with chairs and couch
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One of the factors that can help you achieve this is decorating your short-stay home in the most appropriate style. To ease this process, you can use short term rental software like the Airbnb management software. This will help you organize your calendar in such a way that you can manage your properties and keep up to date with bookings, making the whole process of decorating your apartment a lot easier and smoother. 

Here are a few tips on how to decorate your short rental apartment: 

Pay Attention to the Furniture 

Furniture especially in the living room should be comfortable, sophisticated, high-quality and stylish. Of course, this will depend on the type of tenants you want to attract but regardless, if your furniture is tacky, it won’t attract as many tenants as you would hope to get. You can browse different sofa styles and patterns online before making a decision. 

Use Wallpapers 

Many times, short-term rental apartment walls are painted with colors like white and gray. For many, these monochrome colors often take away the feeling of warmth that a home brings. This is where wallpapers come in as they give depth to your room, and they are also often associated with one’s personal style and identity. Wallpapers bring a special feeling to your short rental apartment, it makes it feel like home. Also, a good thing about wallpapers is that they cost very little.

Use Pillows 

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Pillows are such good additions to a home. For short rental homes, pillows add some fun and excitement to the whole set-up. If you use monochrome or gray colors on the walls or furniture, bright-colored pillows can create a color balance in your room and living areas. 

Decorate with Artworks 

Artworks in a home add character and luxury. They can be placed in the living room, above the fireplace, or in the bedroom above the headboard. They can be abstract prints, bold calligraphy works and textured paints, but make sure that the artwork you use is fitting for the size of the room and style you are going for. 

Use Curtains

Living room with armchairs and table
Used with permission of Katie Destefano

What’s a better way to add color to your short stay home than using curtains? Curtains can be used with or without wallpapers, but a bright curtain is best used without wallpaper as it brings liveliness and color to the room. You can use curtains to cover the windows or use drapes for your wall in multiple panels. 

Regardless of how long you want to rent your short-term apartment, decorate it with as much passion as you possess. Just because it’s for short-term rent doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like home!

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