How to Create a Beautiful Family Garden


When you’ve got little ones running around, it can be tough to maintain a beautiful garden – but it’s not impossible. Nowadays, there are some gorgeous garden features that are more than capable of standing up to the pressures of a busy family household. So, if you’re looking to re-design your garden and keep it family-friendly, just keep reading.

Garden Room

Dining room with window wall looking to the garden
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One of the greatest garden features you incorporate into your family garden is a garden room. These beautiful structures make it really easy for you and the kids to enjoy the garden, whatever the weather. When it’s pouring with rain outside, it can be tricky to find things to entertain the kids. However, with a garden room, you can easily set up a jigsaw, or a movie, or create a cosy reading corner.

Some parents don’t like the idea of letting their kids play in the garden unattended during the summer months, so a garden room is a great solution. The kids can still enjoy the sun and fresh air, and you can get on with your housework without worry.

Of course, when you finally get a weekend without the kids, your garden room will double up as a romantic spot for date night!

Raised Beds

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There are so many benefits of adding raised beds to your garden, but keeping your prized plants away from little fingers is certainly one of the main attractions. Raised beds are not only great at creating distance between your toddlers and your tulips, but they also make it far easier for you to prune your plants without getting backache.

Other reasons you should choose a raised bed for your family garden? They’re perfect for utilising small spaces and creating different levels. They offer better drainage for your plants, and they help weaker plants to compete with greenery on the ground level.

You can make a raised planter out of pretty much anything. We love planters that are created using leftover garden decking, purely because they tie the whole garden design together.


Backyard with olive tree, table and chairs
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When it comes to making a stunning garden that works for busy families, a great addition is garden decking. Lawns can take up a lot of your time, with regular mowing, watering, fertilising, and over time, you’ll probably wish you chose a low-maintenance alternative.

Composite decking is an excellent choice for family gardens because it requires little to no maintenance! Each deck board is capped with a polymer coating, which not only reduces the chances of your little ones getting a splinter, but it also means you never have to sand, stain or seal your boards.

All in all, composite decking is an excellent choice if you want to make a family garden space that’s stylish and practical.

So there you have it, a few features you should consider adding to your garden if you want to make a beautiful family space.

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