Design Trends To Watch Out For This Fall


Truly great design can last for a lifetime, but once in a while, even the most dateless styles need a bit of a pick-me-up. Checking out new trends can provide the inspiration you need to decorate your homes with the very latest ‘it’ styles – including art déco touches, metallics, and patterned tiles. With the help of an experienced interior designer, you can build a welcoming home that also pleases the eye and adds a dash of artistry. Accents can be changed according to seasonal trends, so your interiors are never static or staid.

Art Deco is back

Bright-designed living room
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Art deco is one of design’s best-loved styles, with beautiful pieces such as retro chandeliers, capsule-shaped wall lights, and octagon-shaped mirrors adding curious touches to otherwise simple living spaces. Because the fusion of styles will continue to be big in 2022, art deco pieces or accents are a good investment for any room. Think of adding a curved wooden-framed bed, a geometric console, or the OTT glamour of art deco mirror panelling to a living room or bedroom.

Honey hues

Dulux’s colour of the year is spiced honey – a lovely, warm, caramel shade that is a good neutral to go with this year. This sandy shade works nicely with darker wooden flooring, but looks equally smashing with lighter flooring. The warmth you seek can be added in the form of metallics. Think pendant lighting, accents, or main furniture items such as tables in wood or marble, with metallic legs in a warm yellow gold or copper tone.

Double height doors

Hall with double glass door
Used with permission of Kerry Spears

When it comes to architectural details and design, experts at advise knocking down walls to increase the door height in areas like the living room or bedrooms. These not only increase the flow of light, but also add a gorgeous romantic touch to any room. If you have a beautiful garden, glass doors are ideal to make the most of the view. Large sliding doors are ideal, since they are almost frame-free, thus providing uninterrupted views of the exterior.

Blending traditional and contemporary styles

Fusion has been a big trend in 2021 and it will continue to be prominent in the years to come. We are seeing this look in kitchens, where interesting materials like cool sealed concrete islands are contrasting beautifully with traditional Moroccan style tiling on splashbacks, or brick effects on side walls. We are also seeing intricate chandeliers or pendant lighting structures in otherwise clean, crisp interiors. When it comes to kitchens, darker shades will be seen as well as the clean white that has dominated in 2021. Whether you opt for lighter or more dramatic furniture, an elaborate table, patterned flooring, or gorgeous tall stools in materials like metallic leather, will add a pleasant distraction for the eye.

New metallics

Used with permission of Blackband Design

While on the subject of metals, there are more hues to choose from than ever before. Rose and yellow gold may be popular choices both for jewellery and interiors, but new industrial shades are fast making their way onto the interiors of glossy design magazines. Think hues like brass and nickel, which shine less but which lend a more natural look to your interiors. This type of metal looks just as great against dark hand-painted wallpaper as it does on a plain lightly-hued wall.

Subdued metallic hues, caramel-toned walls, and art deco styles are just a few of those we will be seeing in stylish homes next year. Style fusions will also continue to be strong and with the help of a talented interior designer, you can bring a few unexpected elements into your home for added flair. Stay up to date with current colours on accents, cushions, and other small items that you can easily replace when newer styles, tones, and textures take the lead.

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