Mediterranean House: The Defined Guide


The Mediterranean house is a unique example that resembles the aesthetics of modern seaside villas. As we know that there is great dignity in simplicity, the Mediterranean style of living reflects the same ethos. These types of styled homes remain a dream for someone who appreciates simple and elegant places to live in. Absolutely, there is no better architectural style to follow other than a  subtle vibe form of the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean architectural style, better known as the Mediterranean Revival, became popular in the 1920s.  Initially, the adoption was made objectified to replicate the style for public structures like hotels.

With the passage of time, it’s found that the breezy layouts remind you of the seaside villas during vacations. Those who were consumed with leisure and wealth could afford the dominant Mediterranean house.

Effective Strategic Planning Of Mediterranean House

Long dining table with bench and chairs around it and wide windows in the background
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Incredibly, the Mediterranean house style combines Spanish and Italian influences. While on vacation in warm-weather and coastal climate oriented places such as Florida and California, you can easily bring your sights to a couple of Mediterranean residential units.

Keep your time to read over the explanations and distinctions of such homes built in the geographical regions. The popular architects bring their efforts in providing readers with the background of the common characteristics of the Mediterranean house style.

Classification of Mediterranean House Style

Broadly, there are three styles featuring the specified house.

  • It has a fine resemblance to the Spanish revival in that the designs remained influenced by the Spanish colonial architecture. To curve the said Mediterranean house design, architects show their expertise in featuring simple, cleaner lines with a low-pitched roofline that appears to be thicker and heavier.
  • Of the various listed Mediterranean style homes, the Italian renaissance homes are proven in featuring the ornate looks. It draws inspiration from the styled buildings from the end of the Victorian era. The architecture typically circumpasses the
  • Ultimately, the decoration style features the modern Mediterranean updates. Inevitably, you will find the modern update combining indoor-outdoor living, open floor plans.

Ingredients for Decoration of Mediterranean Houses

Home office with table, cabinet and chair designed in simple Mediterranean style
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When it comes to bringing a take on the Mediterranean house design, you need to bring equal attention to designing the exteriors of your seas-side resort. You can typically feature it with a red-tiled roof, known as terra cotta. To keep you tuned to the original details of the architecture, it’s easy to do the decor with white painted stucco or bricks. Also, commonly noticeable features are carved doors, stone details, over balconies, front doors, metalwork and raw iron on windows.

Knowhow on Decorative Options

Hopefully, you’re on the right page to know more about the Mediterranean homes that don’t require timely updating and are not trending. After getting an overview of the geographical differences, it’s time to consider the top decorating tips.

Here, the understated look of the house seems to be the best. You can easily contemplate it by bringing the principle of symmetry and showcasing the beauty of your homes.

To bring the best of the decorations, you need to go beyond the furnishings of a pair of chairs, tables, sofas, and a pair of scones.

Feel free to flaunt the absolute looks for your property. The smart option is to paint the space in a single color and balance it with the same flooring type throughout the property. To add an extra touch of personality, you need to incorporate eye-catching tiles, both inside and outside of the project. For an impressive interior, ask your architect to frame the entrance in an archway instead of the rectangular option.

Inspiring Interior Decoration

In most Mediterranean houses, you will find that warm woods are considered a perfect furniture combination. In fact, it goes best with walnut and dark wood furniture. When it comes to choosing the tiles of your house, nothing would have a match better than the strategic pops of color.

For the outdoors, you need to opt for a welcoming vibe. Design the intimate spaces with a canopy over the dining area. Also, to bring the coziness inside of your property, you can plan to build the structure of a built-in fire pit. It will help you to feature the expansive dream destination.

Embrace Natural Beauty

Living room with sofas and table
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To redefine your space with warm colors, you need to invest in some natural resources. Warming up the space with wood and natural materials will outdo your purpose. Keep securing the natural materials such as geometric patterns, marble, and stone. A minimalistic look will render more elegance to your flawless dwelling. You need to decor your space with minimal furniture and paint the exposed areas with warm paints. You can brighten up space with crisp white paints.

For a modern take on furniture prioritisation, it’s best to rely on neutral tones and clean lines for the main pieces. More to it, you need to add a few pops of color to the hand-picked furniture pieces.

The Bottom Line

Save some funds and build the beautiful dream Mediterranean house for unleashing the ultimate comfort. Hopefully, you have received an in-depth look at what makes the home so unique. Accomplish the styles before you know much about them.

After revising the points listed in the guide, you can come up with the essential things required for projecting the Mediterranean coastal houses. Leverage the potential of creating lavish aesthetics. Take the assistance of architects to make your upcoming project a  grand success. Explore the styles and grab them fast to make your project stand out.

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