Expert Packing Tips: How to Pack Oddly Shaped Items – Mirrors, Lamps, Lawnmowers, and More


Moving can be extra challenging when packing oddly shaped items. To help you, we talked to moving experts and collected solid packing tips to make moving extra easier for you. By applying their tips, you can be sure that all your items will safely reach your new home. Read on, enjoy, and pack away!

# 1: Mirrors and Pictures

Living room with vertical book shelf, mirror, coffee table and sofa
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To easily and safely pack fragile mirrors and picture frames, you should do the following:

  • Use a bubble wrap or soft cloth to wrap each mirror and picture frame individually
  • Stack them vertically in a box
  • They should be stacked together to minimize movement and avoid any chance of them shattering
  • For added protection, you can use large pieces of foam for bigger frames

# 2: Power Tools

You should take extra care of your power tools because apart from the fact that they’re expensive, they can also cause serious damage to your other items. To avoid such, do the following:

  • Before packing, remove all of its detachable parts
  • Use a bubble wrap or rag to protect and protect its sharp edges
  • Choose a strong box for the tools. A tool caddy will be perfect.
  • Once placed in the box, add extra materials like crumpled newspapers or rags. They will prevent your tools from moving, sliding, and bumping into each other.
  • Secure your strong box or toolbox by adding an extra layer of tape. This is to ensure that it is firmly sealed at all times.

# 3: Your Furniture

Bedroom with large double bed, wooden nightstands beside each side of the bed and behind them windows with big light gray curtains
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Experts in local furniture removals Perth recommend the following packing tips when moving furniture:

  • Transport your furniture in its disassembled form
  • Use moving blankets to protect and secure each furniture part and component
  • Collect all bolts, nuts, and screws in one small bag to ensure that nothing gets lost. To avoid confusion, you could tape the bag to the bottom of your furniture components.

# 4: Lampshades

The easy way to deal with packing lampshades is to do the following:

  • Ensure that your hands are washed before packing your lampshades. Their material can be very sensitive to soiling.
  • When handling lampshades, always lift by its wire rim to avoid bending.
  • To ensure added protection, group shades together. Place paper towels, plain paper, or rags on gaps.
  • Don’t use newspapers when packing lampshades as their print can come off and damage your shades.
  • Mark the box ‘fragile’ and have it placed on top of other items.
  • Don’t have heavy items resting on the box.

# 5: Aquarium

You should do the following to effectively transport aquarium tanks:

  • Choose a box that is bigger than your tank
  • Line the base of your moving box with bubble wrap
  • Have your aquarium fully drained and dried before the actual packing
  • Once your aquarium is placed in the box, add more materials like bubble wrap, cloth, or newspaper to ensure that it doesn’t move.
  • Put cardboards on top of the tank.
  • Make it a point that the moving box is entirely full.
  • Mark the box ‘fragile’ and have it placed the correct way up.

# 6: Your Glass-top Table

Livingroom with sofa and wooden and glass coffee tables
Used with permission of Meg Lonergan

Safely move this delicate item by doing the following:

  • Dismantle the table properly (store nuts and bolts in designated bags)
  • Place a large blanket on the floor. You can also use a duvet.
  • Once a large blanket is already on the floor, carefully place the glass tabletop on it.
  • Proceed by wrapping the glass tabletop carefully with the large blanket or duvet.
  • Place cardboard on each side for solid protection. Secure well.
  • Always handle the glass top in a standing position.
  • Stand it on its long edge as it is its strongest part.

# 7: Your Big TV

  • Use its original box if you haven’t thrown it.
  • If you no longer have the original box, you can simply wrap it with a blanket or sheet. Have it secured with tape.
  • When placed in the moving van, ensure that nothing heavy is placed on top of it.
  • Also, ensure that its placement allows it to not move around while in transit.
  • If you’re dealing with a TV with a plasma screen, DO NOT LAY IT FACE DOWN. Laying it face down will result in screen damage.

# 8: Big Mattresses

  • Ensure that your mattress remains clean before, during, and after transport.
  • Before having it packed, it’s best to have it placed under the sun to ensure that it’s dry. You can also use this chance to check if it has any bedbugs.
  • Use fitted sheets to ensure that your mattress remains clean.
  • Having mattress storage bags will also greatly help
  • Have movers place your mattresses first into the van. Ensure that nothing is placed on top of them.

# 9: Big Lawnmower

  • Look for its manual for unique instructions from its manufacturer
  • Ensure that you’ve drained its oil and gas storage to avoid spills and leaks during transport
  • Do a thorough clean of its cutting blades before moving. Some states can have you fined if you spread gypsy moths.
  • Have a service tune-up after your move-in

# 10: Floor Lamps

Used with permission of Meg Lonergan
  • Have it disassembled before packing
  • Wrap separate parts with bubble wrap or soft cloth
  • Choose a box that is not too big
  • Separately pack its fragile bulb
  • If it’s impossible to dismantle your lamp, wrap it entirely with a big blanket. But do remove the bulb.
  • Use a string to tie it in place.
  • Use a tall box and place instructions on which way is up.

# 11: Other Irregularly Shaped Items

For other irregularly shaped items like lawn ornaments, simply do the following:

  • Wrap each item separately with paper, bubble wrap, or cloth.
  • After wrapping them individually, use a moving blanket or large sheet for further wrapping and protection.

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