Why Should You Always Cut Concrete with Safe Cutting Blades?


Concrete cutting is a process that requires precision and accuracy. It can only be done by professionals as the process requires the necessary skills and knowledge that they have. Concrete cutting also involves the handling of machinery like blades and drilled and hence requires a high level of safety and precaution. Mishandling of this machinery can be very dangerous and can lead to anyone getting seriously hurt. If you are looking for concrete cutting Brisbane, you will find many well-trained professionals and experts to handle your concrete cutting or sawing needs with perfection.

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Let’s look at some of the blade types for concrete cutting. The three main types of blades used for concrete cutting are:

  1. Road Saws,
  2. Wall Saws and
  3. Hand Saws.

Road Saws are those which are used for horizontal cutting projects like bridge decks, road pavements, floors and more. Usually made of a diamond blade, it can easily cut through horizontal concrete structures like pavements, floors etc. to create control joints, patterns or cut out pieces of concrete from a larger piece.

Wall Saws help to make cuts and holes in vertical elements like columns and walls. These are required to cut doors or windows out of the wall. They are usually handheld and can run in 4 directions. Hand Saws are diamond blades that are operated manually and can cut across all surfaces.

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Using these blades is a safe and effective way to ensure clean cuts. Concrete can’t be cut using regular saws or drills. Doing this would not only give inaccurate results and irregular cuts but is also very time-consuming. Power drills like the ones mentioned before are specifically designed to cut through concrete.

Another reason why these concrete cutting saws must be used is that they are much safer and efficient to use as opposed to the regular cutting equipment. Concrete Cutting has all the necessary equipment and tools to ensure impeccable workmanship!

Precautions to be taken while Saw Cutting are as follows:

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  • Wear protective gear: Concrete cutting leads to the release of silica which can be very dangerous if ingested or inhaled. Hence, wearing gloves, glasses, ventilator, boots and earplugs are very important to ensure safety.
  • Work Slowly: The process of concrete cutting should be done slowly and in no rush to ensure precise work. Working in a hurry could lead to haphazard workmanship and might also be dangerous.
  • Water Flow: Since most saws are wet saws, the water flow needs to be constant and controlled. Water ensures the concrete dust that rises from cutting is mitigated.
  • Blade: Ensure that the blade is sharp and not damaged. Blunt blades can create inaccurate cuts and can also lead to it breaking during operation
  • Workspace: The area where the concrete cutting will happen should be in an open, well-ventilated space so that the concrete dust can spread and not be inhaled.

There are many concrete cutting service providers in Brisbane that have all the necessary tools, equipment and personnel for a perfect concrete cutting project. By placing trust in the right hands, the job can be done smoothly and efficiently with great overall results!

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