Rejuvenating Concrete Flooring with Epoxy Coating


Homeowners, as well as business owners, have been trusting A1 Epoxy flooring Brisbane in Australia for years to save their concrete surfaces from overuse. Since concrete is one of the most used materials, from home decor to commercial spaces, concrete has formed its affinity in many such places. It often faces a lot of foot traffic, causing its wear and tear.

It can even become cracked, stained and eroded, making the surface look unfinished or degraded in the quality aspect. Especially in commercial spaces, this can be nothing less than an embarrassment. Fortunately, there are many epoxy coatings available in the market which can act as the perfect solution for your concrete’s upkeep.

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Even as a contractor, you can provide your client with high-tech services to make their concrete surfaces look as good as new by using epoxy coatings.

Here are a few steps on how you can rejuvenate your concrete surfaces by using epoxy coatings

Step 1 – Repair The Damage

The first step is always related to restoring what we already have. Checking for major cracks and identifying areas that need extra work is necessary before you start working on the surface. If you try to just pour concrete over a large crack then it will seep into the cracks and make the surface look uneven. Therefore, epoxy coatings are a hand solution to avoid any such glitches.

Step 2 – Creating A Clean Working Surface

Before applying any form of coat, it is necessary to preserve a clean surface. This can be done by thoroughly washing the concrete surface with water to remove any form of dirt or debris on the flooring surface.

Step 3 – Choose The Design

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Used with permission of Kira David Design

Technological advancements have brought along many aesthetic concrete coatings and fixtures,  including many colours. There are many decorative options available at A1 epoxy flooring Brisbane to suit every budget and need.

You can select the one that suits the decor of your space. With technology going smart, the range of epoxy floorings has also become diverse.

Step 4 – Applying A Top Coat To Prevent Further Damage

This is an important process after applying the epoxy coating. To avoid any form of further damage and to keep the surface durable in longevity,  it is necessary to coat the concrete floor for decorative coating.

This will make sure to keep the upkeep while not degrading the damage back to where it was. The coat is also water-resistant as well as non-toxic. It is chemical resistant to avoid any form of damage to hammer the concrete surface.

Dinning room with table, chairs and armchair
Used with permission of Kira David Design

All the above-mentioned qualities ensure the upkeep of the concrete surface even after several years of daily use. Epoxy floorings are the next trend in 2021, these timeless finishes have started being a go-to solution for every homeowner. With a large-scale constructional development revolving around the concrete as an integral material, keeping it well-maintained is also equally necessary. To know more about the wide range of epoxy floorings and their installations, visit –

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