How to Replace Your Toilet Seat


The day has come for you to replace your toilet seat. Thankfully, in most cases, it only takes a few minutes to swap seats and move on with your day. Unless you have a bidet toilet seat, there should only be a couple of nuts and bolts to remove.

Standard Seat Replacement

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On a traditional toilet seat, you will have two bolts that are hidden under plastic caps, located on either side if you are looking at the tank. These caps can be removed by placing a flathead screwdriver (or similar tool) between the plastic and porcelain and gently pressing. Be sure to use the premanufactured slot that most caps have so that you do not damage the exterior of the plastic. Once you have the cap off, find the correct tool for the bolts and nuts(if they are not wingnuts).

Completely remove the nuts, bolts, and any additional hardware, which will let you free the toilet seat. When installing your new seat, replace any old hardware to make sure everything is fresh and fits properly. Follow whatever instructions are given and ensure that all parts are installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Be careful not to overtighten, especially when handling plastic threads.

Bidet Seat Replacement

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Bidet seats have a few extra steps, but replacement is still easy and can usually be done in half an hour. Note: If you have not purchased your new bidet, check out the TOTO S550e for state-of-the-art performance that is sure to put your old bidet toilet seat to shame with self-sanitization and tons of enhanced features.

After shutting off the water supply, unplug the system (if electric) and remove the supply line. Disconnect the tee fitting and release the bidet from its brackets via the quick-release button. Take the brackets off and remove any additional components to start fresh with everything. Follow your new systems installation instructions if provided, otherwise reverse these steps to put your replacement bidet seat on.


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When replacing your toilet seat, make sure to follow the instructions, especially when installing a bidet. Avoid using old hardware, and install everything that you are supposed to because some small pieces play a big role. With a few easy steps and less than half an hour, you could be sitting on your new toilet seat!

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