Are Silicone Vacuum Hoses Better Than Rubber


If you are planning to upgrade your vehicle standard rubber hoses and stuck between choosing the right vacuum hoses. Either it will be the same rubber one or the silicone vacuum hoses.

The majority of the people choose silicone vacuum hoses over the rubber hose. In this article, you will be getting to know why silicone vacuum hoses are better than rubber?

Why Silicone Vacuum Hoses Are Better Than Rubber?

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People consider silicon hoses superior to rubber ones. Some of the benefits of having silicone hoses are mentioned down there.

1. Flexibility:

Silicone hoses are flexible than rubber hoses. Their flexibility decreases the risk of hose that will become dry, hard, or will split into pieces.

2. Life Span:

Silicone hoses have a higher lifespan as compared to standard rubber hoses just because of heat resilience. Rubber hoses cause serious damage to the vehicle that even burn out the whole hose sometimes.

3. Temperature Resistance:

People shift from rubber to Silicon hose because of the temperature resistance in silicone. Silicone hoses don’t expand in hot condition and that’s what makes the silicon hose everyone’s favourite.

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4. Noise And Vibration:

Silicon absorbs more noise than the rubber one. Rubber hose causes unwanted sound and vibrations. While the silicon hose provides a smoother and quieter engine experience.

5. Chemical And Corrosion Resistance:

Hoses in a machine can be affected by chemicals or corrosion. But only if it’s the rubber hoses. Silicon ones have resistance against corrosion and chemical damage.

6. Easy To Handle:

Silicon hoses are easier to work with. Because the rubber one can be hard and difficult to move sometimes. That’s when silicon hoses come. It is easier to handle and installation job can be done quickly.

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7. Aesthetics:

Silicon hose looks better than rubber hose. It comes in different colours which pleases the eyes. While the rubber ones only come in selected colours which sometimes looks boring.

Above all these benefits, a question still comes to mind that does silicon hoses affect the performance in a better way? The answer is somehow given already. Silicon hoses are manufacturing increasingly because of their more use than rubber ones. The silicone material gives better performance in any manner.

As I have already mentioned above that silicon hose provides heat resilience that’s why the performance of silicon is way better than the rubber. If you upgrade your engine by adding a turbocharger in it but forgot to change the rubber pipe then my mate, you are going to burn your engine. Because rubber power will not bear the heat of the turbo engine.

Silicon hoses always act like new while the rubber ones will be showing hardness, stiffness and damage with holes. They get dry rotten after sometimes. When you will switch from a rubber hose to a silicon hose, you will see the difference by yourself. Your life will be much easier and safer as well because silicon will impact better performance.

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