How to install a linear shower drain?


Decorating your shower area and bathroom is one of the most underrated luxuries. Many people do not even care about the kind of drains they have; this can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make while building your dream house.

When it comes to showers and baths, one can automatically understand that anything that can provide luxury and comfort is a must to have. As far as the shower drains are concerned, so currently the most famous ones are the linear shower drains as they are easier to install and safe to use.

If you are thinking of replacing your shower drain or installing a new type of shower drain, then you have landed on the right post. In this post, we will try to elaborate on the entire process of installing the linear shower drains. Keep in mind that installing the linear drain is not tricky as long as you follow the instructions given on the drain package; however, to assist you further, we have shared some primary and general tips.

Collect the material

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The first step is to identify if you have the required materials with you. Along with the drain and its parts, you will need the following articles too.

  • Screwdrivers of various sizes.
  • Silicon sealant.
  • Mortar flooring.
  • Safety glasses.

Choose a location

Find out where you should have the linear drain. The side which is a bit sloppy will be the best site to have the linear shower drain. Secondly, the shower area entrance can also be a fine option, as it will be easier to clean, and you will not have to build the curb at the shower entrance.

Locate the in-line piping system in your bathroom

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For those who are still building their home, identifying the location of the drainage system can be easy, as compared to those who are renovating their existing bathrooms. Finding out the real drainage system is necessary as you will need to link the linear shower drain with the main drains.

Cut out a hole in the drain

Now to make your linear shower drain connect with the main drain, you need to cut a three or four inches long mark on the drainpipes to insert the drainage pipe. You need thick wall substrate to do it and a few thick tiles or stones.

Make a water barrier

Right before installing the moisture bed, it is essential to make a waterproof covering to keep the floors safe. Now at the next step, you should apply the mortar mixture.

Place the metal lath

Bathroom sink and mirror
Used with permission of Kira David Design

Now to fix the linear shower drain, you should place the metal lath in it; once you have put it, cover it with clear packing tape, too, it is to keep the flange clear.

Fix everything with the mortar

Now you should make a final attempt to fix everything in place. Make sure that the mortar mixture you apply this time is a bit thin.

Connect the linear drain with the main drain

Now you should place the main linear drain body, and with the help of a no-hub coupling, place it and press the drainpipe in the already made hole. Before you leave it ensure that the linear shower drain is leveled. Thanks to for consulting.


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