Three easy DIY jobs that will make a huge difference to your home


If you’ve never considered yourself too handy when it comes to DIY, fear not – you’re certainly not alone. The good news is DIY is an extremely broad subset of skills, and within that subset are a number of remarkably easy but highly effective tasks virtually anyone can carry out with a little bit of research and some careful application. 

If you’re whiter than white when it comes to home DIY, check out these three easy going but highly satisfying starter tasks that will make a huge difference around the house. 


Living room with coffee table with flower decoration
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There’s no real mystery around painting, so we all know roughly where to start. What’s important in any repainting job is to consider the preparations required to carry out the task. For example, if you’re repainting wooden furniture, you’ll need to sand down the surfaces before starting and pick out the right primer, paint and brush type for the job. Painting a wall is a little less complicated, but it’s still worthwhile looking up the best techniques for the job before you go into it. 

Repainting furniture, or walls in particular, is one of the most impactful changes you can make in your home décor without delving too far into the DIY skillset. 

Resealing the bath 

Dining room with dark table and white chairs
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Whether you’re installing a new bathtub or just looking to refresh your current one, installing new or replacing old sealant will make a huge difference to your bathroom aesthetic, not to mention carry out the all-important job of protecting your bath from potential leaks and subsequent mould. 

You can find a step-by-step process for sealing a bath here. A job that’ll need more careful instruction than painting – not to mention a bit more safety gear and equipment like scrapers, gloves, glasses, and a caulking gun – but still a very doable task that will save you a good chunk of money against getting the professionals to do it for you. 

Freshening up grouting 

Mirror and sink in bathroom
Used with permission of Melanie Gowen

Grout to your tiles is effectively what sealant is to your bath. Grouting is essential to prevent dirt and debris getting between your tiling, but it’s also culpable to staining, yellowing and speckling over time due to its constant exposure to humid conditions in the bathroom. 

To get around this requires a bit of elbow grease to clean and refresh the lining. You can get specialised grout cleaners for this task, but the likes of white vinegar, baking soda, citric acid and apple cider vinegar will all do an admirable job when combined with a trusty toothbrush. To finish, you’ll need a grout pen to whiten the grout, and that’s about it. You can find a guide to it all here

Even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush or even looked twice at the sealant on your bath before, there’s still nothing stopping you from carrying out these three simple DIY tasks. Who knows – perhaps a successful repainting or grouting job will give you the confidence to take on more DIY jobs in the future – just make sure you start with the basics! Thanks to for consulting on this post.


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