What are the first 5 things you must do as soon as you move into a new home?


Moving to a new house can be an exciting, overwhelming, and nail-biting experience. While you must have planned out and organized the moving in, it is once your belongings are in the house that the real task of managing begins. But before popping open that champagne in your new house there are some essential things that need to be done for smooth sailing ahead.

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Your big and beautiful residence is finally your home but before the celebrations begin, you need to ensure that the basic amenities and security of your new residence are in place. It is easy to be overwhelmed at such a time, so it is better to have a new home checklist that saves you time and effort on the big day.

So, as soon as you move into a new home, get yourself in action, ready to do these 5 things:

Cross-check all the boxes

Packing, moving, and unpacking can leave you tired. Once all your boxes are delivered, you might wanna just sit back and relax but before that, go over all the boxes. Cross-checking the number of boxes and thoroughly inspecting them is something that can easily skip your mind. Prepare a household inventory before the moving preparations are made.

Cross-checking while the movers are around is the way to go about it. If some box is misplaced, broken, or missing, you can notify the movers or the company to resolve the issue. Doing this would prevent undue panic and stress.

Ensure all utilities are in place

As soon as you move in, make sure that you note down the readings of the power meter and water meter, and keep the numbers in a protected spot if questions of any kind emerge. Make sure to set up the main connections to all the primary utilities in your home. Also, check if things like the main temperature control system and pipings are in place.

Normally, the primary service organizations to call, as soon as you move in are water and electricity services. Once all these things like power, gas, and running water are in place, your new house will look a lot more splendid. Having dealt with the key utilities, think about access to the internet, cable providers, telephone, and other significant services.

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Secure your new home

Once all your utilities are in place, your new home will look much brighter and pleasant; now it’s time to secure your new home. Firstly, you should change all locks on outside doors and install a new security system to make sure no one except you and your family has access to your new home. Ensure that the fire safety measures are in place and equip your home with at least one fire extinguisher.

While at it, it is also important to ensure the utmost protection for all your belongings and securing them with trusted renters insurance. You do have to think too much before you buy cheap renters insurance online. It is not just affordable but can end up saving you thousands in case of unexpected events. While people might assume it is unnecessary, expensive, or even complicated, at large, renters insurance should not be underestimated. 

Don’t mindlessly unpack

Proceed by unpacking the essential boxes – stuff that is of daily use like bedroom and bathroom essentials. Moving days tend to empty out an individuals’ energy, so you’ll certainly require a spot to lay your tired body toward the end of the day while moving. In this situation, all you’ll need will be soft bedding and a clean shower.

If you mindlessly start unpacking, then not only will the space look cluttered, but setting it all up will only further drain your energy. Always mark your boxes by the rooms they need to go in. This way, you can easily unpack each box in its own room without having to move too many items from one place to another.

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Plan it all

Take advantage of your post-move time by making a definite plan for the day and adhering to it.

Create a list of everything that needs to be done immediately or need to be tended to in the following days, and even weeks.

Very much like the moving schedule and box list helped you with the easy move, this focused plan for the coming days will make your time in the new home smooth. Think about furnishing and equipping the new home and make a list of all the things you’ll need.

In Conclusion  

Moving houses can be tiring and even overwhelming, but the key to a smooth move is planning it all well in advance. Minor details might skip your mind when you move into a new place. Thus it’s better to make a checklist, adhere to it, and most importantly, take it slow. Thanks to lemonade.com for consulting on this post.


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