Furnishing a small apartment, here’s what you need to know


There’s something charming in living in a small apartment. 

As our cities grow bigger, more and more people are finding the allure of living in a space that doesn’t require much to upkeep and feels cozy. 

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With that in mind, there are many things that you have to think about when you’re furnishing a small apartment. From choosing the right furniture to decorating and painting the space in the appropriate colors as to not feel tiny, most things people who have little to no experience in decorating small living spaces get it wrong.

And that’s normal. Most of the things that you would do to decorate a small apartment you wouldn’t do when you’re decorating a full-sized four-bedroom house. 

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But that’s why we’re here. To break down the walls and expose the secrets of decorating a small-sized apartment and make sure it feels big, spacious, and comfortable.

Make sure your bed is the most comfortable one you can afford. 

If you think about it, you spend a lot of time in your bed when you’re living in a full-sized apartment, let alone when you are living in a small living space. That means that you will have to go with the best choice of mattress you can afford. 

We’d suggest you go with the best mattress for back pain because if you’re using your bed as a couch too, it’s good to have a comfortable space to rest in.

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In other words, make sure your bed is comfortable enough to double as your couch as well. 

The secret to having enough space is going with vertical storage. 

Yup, you heard it here. All well-designed small apartments know how to utilize vertical storage for maximum storage room without getting making the living space feel cramped. 

When you’re deciding on how to furnish your home, always make sure you’re buying storage furniture that goes up rather than sideways. 

Vertical storage is also what will ensure that you have enough to keep your apartment free of clutter. It’s the best way to make use of the space you have available. 

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Invest in dual-purpose furniture as its super important to keep your apartment as roomy as possible. 

One other thing that you will have to add to the list of things to factor in is the furniture you’re buying. You will have to plan every piece as dual-use furniture. 

That means that maybe your dining table will have to double as your desk where you can work or study. 

As we mentioned, your bed may be the substitute to a full-sized couch or even vice versa. Everything that you buy in your small apartment will have to serve one more than usual purpose, so make sure you buy smartly. A hollow ottoman can be used for storage space, for example.

There are even companies that specialize in creating furniture for small apartments, particularly, so your home will never feel cramped. 

Your organization system is one of the most important things that you’ll have to develop. 

You will have to create your very own organization system that will be tailored to your apartment and your unique needs. 

Everything from how you store shoes, to other things you use every day should be accounted for. That means that you’ll have to spend some time living in the apartment and test out how you can keep everything neatly organized before you get to create a system that you can follow. 

Of course, you can use one you found online and just tweak it to your desire. 


Light colors are always the thing that can make a small apartment feel roomy and airy. 

The secret to making the living space feel roomy? Go with light colors. In fact, go with all white. 

Paint walls white as well as your ceiling. It’s the best way to make everything feel more spacious and roomy. Not only that, but you’ll feel like the room has filled with light. White particularly is a great choice for that. 

And, it becomes something like a canvas that you can paint on and experiment. While we don’t necessarily mean that you should paint on your walls, we do mean that you should decorate appropriately to make everything pop. 


Splashes of bright color can be amazing to add some character to your apartment. 

Don’t be afraid of using bright colors to make the furniture in your apartment pop. That means maybe you’ll go with a red couch, or you’ll have a lamp that is a matching color in order to tie in the whole living space. 

And don’t forget to experiment. Add different colors. Mix and match until you find something that feels uniquely you. Thanks to Ghost bed for consulting.



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